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online-help.jpgI’m a little tired of thinking and need a day off, so it might as well be Sunday. So, no particular message today, just some interesting observations about people finding my blog and specific posts in it through various means.

The click-throughs from comments I’ve made at other blogs aren’t that interesting. Nor are click-throughs from tags in my blogs.

What is interesting is the Google searches. Twice now, my “Lo, the antichrist shall be a vegan…” post has been viewed by someone doing Google searches that I find mind-boggling. The first time was someone doing a search for “antichrist vegan.”

That means there is at least one person who thinks ill enough of vegans that he or she suspects eschewing meat and dairy will be key personality trait of the devil’s puppet-boy…and that’s one person too many for my comfort level. As one friend of mine joked, the antichrist could never be a vegan because the whole thing behind his rise to power is that people are going to really like him. How much broad appeal is an extreme vegetarian gonna have?

And now, today, someone comes to the post with a Google search for “mandrake root under bed bowl of milk.” I’m sure the person made that search for the same reason I used that example in my post (having seen it in the movie Pan’s Labyrinth…which I highly recommend unless you’re one of those folks who hates subtitles). But even with that image firmly in mind, why make a search for it? Was the person hoping for confirmation from a reliable Internet source that it works? If so, my faith in the intelligence of my fellow humans just went down a hair…even in today’s ever-growing  and misplaced “if it’s on the Internet, it must be true” mentality, that scares me.

Of course, on the solely self-interested front, I was on the second page of hits for that search. Usually, I’m so far down the list on searches that people find me through I wonder how empty their lives are of real entertainment options that they actually clicked through that many pages to end up here.

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