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mind-body-spirit.jpgWell, I might have skipped a post today if Nsangoma had showed up to back up his bluster. But since he hasn’t, yesterday’s post looks like it will be quickly winding down, and I’d feel bad if there wasn’t something new here today for people who take time to visit. So, just a random thought about spirituality, emotion and rationality.

And that thought it that we cannot be complete without all three.

Emotion is part of who we are, from anger to tears to love. To wallow in any of them is bad, but to deny them is, I think, worse. Nothing saddens me so much than to see a person of faith who eschews showing emotion or who starts to think that love or guilt are the only ones that should define us.

Rationality is part of being human and part of our ability to express our divine spark. Our intellect is a gift from God and it sets us apart from every other creature on this planet. We shouldn’t forget how to think, and how to question those who lead us, both within and outside religious circles. Don’t trade in critical thinking for faith; let them strengthen each other.

And finally, spirituality. I’ve touched on the spiritual vs. religious thing already once, and given the nature of this blog, it should be no mystery to anyone that I think the fate of your eternal soul depends on that spirituality being the embrace of the Holy Spirit, through faith in Jesus the Christ and love toward God the Father. That being said, I can’t make you believe in that path, only hope that you will consider taking it (if you haven’t already). But I respect the faith choices of every person. Regardless of whether I believe that choice is right for your soul, I respect your free will, and I respect that you are trying to express your spiritual side. And I feel sadness for those who dwell only in the worlds of the rational and/or emotional and forget to reach for the divine.

Because like it or not, we are beings with spirits…souls…and to think otherwise and to assume we are just genetic accidents of random, thoughtless creation…well, that seems to be the emptiest and saddest thing in the world.


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