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Witch hunt

OK, quick post today. Still too much work on my plate. It won’t come as a surprise to any regular readers (and if you aren’t you only have to go back to my March 19 post to see) that I am a Barack Obama supporter. As an Obama fan, and as a Christian…and as a guy with a black wife and two biracial kids…I am sick to fucking death of all the attention being heaped on Obama’s former (now retired) pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

FOX News started a lot of the current mess by endlessly repeating some soundbites with inflammatory comments, having taken them completely out of context and made Wright look like a raving lunatic. And then everyone else got on the bandwagon without doing any freaking research. Not only were the soundbites, particularly the “God damn America!” comment, taken out of context, but they were used to infer what Obama’s beliefs were.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t engage in a mind-meld with anyone and take on their beliefs in replacement of my own. And I’m even more pissed off as folks continue to dig into Wright’s sermons and speeches in the past looking for more “proof” that he’s a bigot, a nut and a menace to society and that this should equal all of his congregation being the same. Worse yet, even with the man retiring, the new pastor, associate pastors and deacons at his former church are now getting death threats. How screwed up is that?

This shit has not, to my recollection, ever happened with a white candidate and his or her religious advisors or pastor. It seems that when a political candidate who’s white has connections to religious leaders with controversial views and comments, some of them vitriolic when taken in or out of context (and many of them worse than anything I’ve heard Wright say so far), they get a little play in the news and then people move on. But with a black pastor who says something negative about the way things are going on in America, at a time when a black man might finally be in the White House after more than 230 years of these United States, people not only won’t move on but continue to try to dig deeper and deeper and deeper to see what else they can either discover or manufacture.

There’s plenty of news out there. More relevant news, in fact. Let’s everyone start covering that shit why don’t we?


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