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traffic.jpgWell, first Miz Pink had a nice post inspired by a nicely written blog that challenges Christian beliefs, and that didn’t create any stir. Then I had to go and get inspired by her and start thinking a bit about atheism and posit the notion that atheism might actually be a religion. Boy, did that post go south fast. So, since this site is NOT about challenging atheists (at least not regularly), let me get off this track as quickly as possible and stay off it for a while. Between my workload and taking offense at some commentary in that ill-fated post (possible overblown offense on my part…if so, mea culpa), I’m tuckered out (my little girl hasn’t helped either…she’s on hyperdrive lately).

So, just a quick hit here to get my mind clear and prepare for something deeper. And what’s on my mind today is something very near and dear and important to Christian thought and theory…


OK, haven’t heard any sermons on that one, huh? Oh well. But what I’m getting at is that simple human kindnesses in day-to-day interactions are all too rare. Tailgating is a common ailment in the state in which I live…more so than any other place I’ve lived before. Recently, I saw a car tailgating a student driver, which has to be one of the meanest things to do while driving on a highway that doesn’t involve firearms being pointed out windows.

And that got me to thinking about all the people, including people whose cars are plastered with “I Love Jesus” or “God Is My Co-Pilot” bumper stickers and the like, who just can’t seem to treat others around them with simple decency while driving one or two tons of high-speed metal around. What does that say about how we live life, especially if we are supposedly living our lives in service to a loving deity (and I’ll include goddess worshippers and wiccans here, too…I’ve seen some of you with “Blessed Be” bumper stickers riding up the asses of people with babies in their back seats, too.)?

It’s a silly thing to fixate on, I know. But if we can be both rude and dangerous to people we don’t know on a daily basis just because we think our time is so much more important, that says a lot about our priorities.

And what it says isn’t anything good.


3 Responses to “Cleaning my palate”

  1. April 3, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    Deac, on the post about atheists you gave an interesting description of Jesus. You It was the post you made at 1:34 p.m..

    You seemed be saying that Jesus was created by God, which of course contradicts some pretty accepted theology. Did I misunderstand you, or is that what you believe?

  2. April 3, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    If the student driver was going slow in the left lane they got what they deserved.


  3. 3 Deacon Blue
    April 4, 2008 at 2:23 am

    Hey, Big Man…regarding your first question, I’m guessing you were referring to this:

    But you still have love for them, and so you work within the tainted and fouled pool they have created to bring forth, thousand, tens of thousands or millions of years later, a being who embodies your spiritual nature but is, unlike you, in physical form and can bridge the gap between you and your lost children, thus creating a way for the family to begin forming up again.

    When I said “bring forth,” I didn’t literally mean God created Jesus…I was referring to the chain of events and people God worked through that led up to the Virgin Birth and the entry of Jesus into the world. Jesus was part of God’s overall plan, and thus my statement was merely a way of expressing his intent (and success) in getting Jesus where and when he was needed.

    Also, the part about Jesus embodying God’s spiritual nature in human form is not to suggest that God simply created a being to be his surrogate on earth. It is merely my way of saying that Jesus had a physical body like us and thus knew intimately what we go through and understood intimately what temptation was…but he was sinless and focused on the will of His father, which was supposed to be our own original condition. Which is why he is our intermediary to God in terms of judgment and the right individual to send the Holy Spirit into our lives when we are born again.

    As to your second post, you would of course be right…everyone driving slow in the left lane deserves to be harrassed mercilessly. 😉 In this case though, the student driver was in the right lane and only a hair under the speed limit.

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