The Lord’s Prayer – redux

By tomorrow, Miz Pink or I should have something relatively meaty, but until then, here’s something for the Christians among you…or just amateur poets.

In years past, I decided to work up two poetic versions of The Lord’s Prayer, one rhyming and one in haiku verses (Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of three unrhymed lines of prose, the first line consisting of five syllables, the second line consisting of seven syllables, and the last line consisting of five syllables).

Here they are: 

Haiku Version

Oh God our Father
Who lives and reigns from heaven
Holy is Your name

Let Your kingdom come
May Your sovereign will be done
In earth and heaven

Give us bread of life
Dwell not on our sinfulness
Help us to forgive

Divert us from sin
Help us resist temptation
As only You can

Power and glory
Honor and all Creation
Are Yours forever


Rhymed Version

Oh God our Father,
Oh heavenly Lord;
Hallowed are you,
And holy your word.

May your new kingdom come soon,
Forever to be;
Your will in all places,
For all people to see

Forgive us our failings,
As we forgive too;
Divert us from evil,
Lead us closer to you.

For yours is the power,
To protect us and guide;
From the eras of past,
Through the future so wide.



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