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Porn-again: the finale

To be honest, I’m only posting a “porn” related topic today because (1) In my first porn-again post this week, I had predicted that I’d probably need a couple more days to sort things out (as it happened, I only really needed two in total, and that included my semi-tongue-in-check threat assessment post yesterday) and I like to stay true to my word, (2) I found some interesting things with a quick Web search on Christian erotica, and (3) I need a quickie post (pun entirely intended) for today because I’m looking to rest up a bit and go back to that topic of speaking in tongues I started a few days ago and need to finish up.

So, there were two really interesting things I ran across in my browser search, one of them a blog and the other a Christian sex Web site. I don’t endorse or necessarily agree with either one of them (in other words, I haven’t delved into them deeply enough to have a firm opinion…oh my, the puns keep coming), but they do have a couple interesting slants.

The first is the blog A Little Leaven, which addresses some Christian sex issues but seems to be critical of some of the sex-related things popping up in the church. The post that led me to the blog talks about the use of sex topics to pull people into church and talks about how some churches even take out whole billboards.

Whew! OK, that’s a bit much even for the old Deke here. There are some things at A Little Leaven I don’t entirely agree with so far, but I admit it’s a little freaky to pull people into church with a sex angle. I mean, Christianity is about our souls…finding Jesus for our salvation and growing in faith with God through the Holy Spirit. I feel justified talking about sex and getting a little raw around my own blog, because first, I made it clear from the get-go that was some of the stuff I’d talk about and second, because I never set myself up to be the equivalent of a church. I’m here to raise some issues and clear up some things, but you probably won’t get your spiritual belly filled here much in terms of scriptural teaching.

But churches using sex to get people in the doors. Wow. I hate to sound prudish, but it sounds like a small step toward some of the old heathen temples where worshippers engaged in orgies as part of worship. I don’t think that’s what God had in mind when he let his son get nailed to a cross for us.

The other place that caught my eye was the site Sex In Christ. I’ve only just discovered this one and I think I want to steer clear of reading it much right now mostly because it looks like it may cover some issues I plan to cover soon, and I don’t want my writings unduly influenced by the opinions there. But it is clear (as I suspected) that I’m not the only person who thinks about these things and tries to “keep it real,” biblically speaking, even while addressing sexual issues. Anyway, the only thing I’ve really read there is the page on a proposal for creating Christian porn, which is a really interesting concept. I have to admit, there have been times in my life I wondered why I couldn’t find a Christian-friendly porn mag or video.

Anyway, that’s it for porn for quite some time around these parts, though I will, of course, probably bring up a sex-related topic of some sort about every week, give or take. Most of them, though, won’t take up three whole¬†days. I don’t have that kind of stamina anymore at my age, not even for writing about sex.

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