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Cosmos and Manolos by Miz Pink

So, you probably noticed that the Sex and the City movie came out. Okay, if you’re a guy, maybe you didn’t notice. Unless maybe your girlfriend or wife dragged you to the show. In which case you probably hate her a little right now. Heck I hate myself a little for going to see it tonight. But that didn’t stop me from drinking a few cosmopolitans with my girlfriends after the movie (darling hubbby Sir Pink couldn’t be convinced to take me, not even with intimate favors promised as a reward). Being a notorious lightweight when it comes to drinking, I don’t expect to be very coherent much longer. I’m already starting to melt into the computer monitor as I type this.

But I did promise Deke I’d take care of this place daily while he’s taking a week off blogging so I better post something before I fall asleep.

Where was I?

Oh, the Sex movie. I admit that I liked the HBO series a lot. Still do. It’s a moral failing I’m sure. Might even be related to the fact that I have more shoes than I do panties, bras and socks combined…or so Sir Pink tells me…I’ll have to ask him what he was doing counting my undies. No Manolo Blahnik shoes, sad to say, but plenty of expensive ones amongst the cheapos anyway.

I guess it was the friendships I like in the series plus the vicarious thrill of living through these consumeristic and often wanton ladies. I wanted to be them even as I dreaded the thought of ever becoming like any of them. Love-hate.

What got me about the flick though is that…

…I don’t know…maybe they could have grown a little? The movie got made what? Four or five years after the show ended? It couldn’t have taken them long to film it. Heck, it’s like making two episodes of the dang series. So it must have been started as our economy began to unravel. Mortgage mess. Rising gas prices. Consumer confidence plummeting. Hillary Clinton turning ever more harpy-ish with every passing week. The world has changed alot since the show went off the air.

The ladies in the movie I saw tonight showed none of that.

No change that is. They haven’t changed. I wonder, is that because we don’t really want to change? Do we love our things and our desires and our pettiness and our materialism and our money and our vanity so much? Is this movie a reflection of how we don’t really want to change anything about how we live in this country?

It’s just a movie…I know. I didn’t expect any oscarworthy performances. Even in a suit of red and gold Iron Man armor, Robert Downey Jr. can act circles around any of these women (or men) in Sex without saying a word.

I just worry. Is this movie such a letdown because the producers and writers and director and actors didn’t notice how much things have changed and how even people with money are having to rethink their spending? Or do they know this is really what we want…and if so does that mean we really can’t change our spending and our shallowness in the U.S.?

Jesus didn’t own anything much more than what he wore on his body. Dang! And I have a ton of shoes and a secret desire to be Carrie Bradshaw. Now the buzz really has worn off from those cosmos. Now I just feel a little guilty. And maybe that’s good. I don’t think the Sex girls have spent any time with the less fortunate people in the world. Neither have I for a long time. But unlike them I like to think I can change. Tomorrow sounds like a good time to start.


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