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Con sex by Miz Pink

Okay, after the lighter, fluffier sex topic for today (see previous post, Pro Sex), let’s get into something far more unpleasant. Something you should never do (hence the “con” sex). Something, in fact, that you should be locked up for for a very very long time if you do it (also a source of the “con” sex title because you’ll be wearing convict orange I hope).

Child sexual abuse.

Deke already touched on this when he did his Truly Beastly post. I’m pretty sure he intended to follow up on that thought with a full post on sex with children soon. I’m gonna beat him to it though.

You can, for the most part, substitute the word “animal” with “kid” in the bestiality post by Deke to get a flavor for how I feel about it. Sex with kids is E.v.i.l with a capital E. There is no justification. No matter what’s wrong with your desires, if you’ve considered it or done it you know it’s wrong. Don’t tell me you don’t. Don’t tell me the kid really wants it. The kid isn’t emotionally equipped to decide that, especially doing it with someone old enough to know better. Don’t tell me it was okay in the Middle Ages. This is modern day and you ain’t grown until 18. Okay, maybe at 16 or 17 I start cutting you some grown slack but don’t tell me that a girl is ready for sex just because she’s had a period or a boy is because he had his first wet dream.

I was speaking recently with a friend I’ve been out of touch with and asked her about one of her friends that I knew a little about. Well, it turns out I knew very little. Girlfriend aint’ my friend’s friend anymore, and it probably didn’t help when she found out the child of that former friend hadn’t been given a bath by mommy since the age of 2 because mommy started feeling inappropriate desires.

Now I’m glad it seems mommy sickest didn’t go off the deep end and commit sexual abuse against that child, but NOT giving the child baths is only step one. Therapy should have been behind door number 2. If you can have thoughts like that about a child especially one that’s blood of your blood, you need help and fast.

I’m liberal and I’m no fan of our prison system in general. But there are folks I’m willing to send there damn near forever and people who sexually abuse children are among them. And if you did that crap to one of MY children you’d have a date with some duct tape, an electric bread knife, a rusty potato peeler and a pair of pliers and you wouldn’t have anything to identify you by gender (externally at least) by the time I was done with you. If you were lucky, Sir Pink might pick you off with a rifle like the one in the picture above and leave you with a slow-death bleeding gut wound but he’s a lot more easygoing than I am.

From a Christian standpoint and from a human decency standpoint, if you’ve ever seriously thought about doing it you need help now. And if you’ve done it already, I don’t care how much you’ve apologized to God or if you’ve done it again, you need to do your time in a prison too and I hope you do.

Zero tolerance on this one, folks. No wiggle. If the person ain’t grown, don’t go there. Even the worst convicts hate child molesters with a vengeance. Think about that one.

Now, for something more constructive, some sites related to child sexual abuse prevention, information and help:



Pro sex by Miz Pink

So, today I’m feeling feisty, and I’m going to do two posts. And since it’s probably past time for Deke’s weekly sexual ramble, I’m going to give you two sex posts. Not only that I’m gonna get overly creative and do one “thou shalt” and one “thou shalt not” topic. Pro and con. As it happens, the “pro” and “con” are also kinda plays on words for the respective subjects.

So, what’s my “pro sex” topic today?

Strip clubs.

Now that means this post isn’t strictly speaking about sex, but its certainly sexual so I think we’re good to go. In terms of the professional sex business, strip clubs are much tamer and healthier than the whole prostitution thing which I would kill Sir Pink if he were to dabble in it. Prostitutes, that is. I actually don’t give a flying fig if he goes to a strip club as long as he doesn’t do it very often (which would be a waste of our money) and doesn’t hook up with any dancers who provide extra services above and beyond mere arousal (which benefits me when he comes home worked up but unsatisfied).

They didn’t have strip clubs back in biblical times, so it’s not like the Bible gives us any guidance. I suppose you could point to various passages about lust and sinning in your thoughts and coveting someone else’s woman and all that but I frankly think it would be crap.

I wouldn’t recommend stripping as a career track for my little girl but it’s not like I would disown her either. And although there were times in college I toyed with the idea, I’m glad I never went that route myself. But there are good clubs and there are women with tight bodies and decent moves who can cash in on men’s libidos without getting caught up in drugs, sex for money and the like. I don’t see it much differently than a lot of other jobs where you have risks of “going bad” when you enter the career. It’s about the person. And so I don’t see stripping as evil, and I certainly don’t see some boob-jobbed woman on a stage as a threat to me. It’s not a mainstream job but its a job and I don’t see anyone getting hurt unless they’re too naive or foolish to keep their head on straight.

I’ve been a couple male strip shows myself with girlfriends. Frankly some of the women at those places get waaaaaaayyyyyy raunchier than men who watch women strip. Heck, from what I’ve seen (and I have gone to a couple club’s with guys out of curiosity too) men actually show more deference and respect to a stripper than they do to women on the street sometimes. Show me a guy who whistles at the foxy lady who passes by his construction site and that’s probably the guy who will be showing nothing but respect for a stripper. Hell, sometimes they’re downright tongue-tied and shy. True, the bouncers who will take him out if he does something wrong might help but I think its just something weird about male wiring.

So as long as you have a healthy marriage and sex life and your man isn’t making strip clubs a regular stop I don’t think it’s your job as a good Christian wife to just tell him to stay home from that bachelor party or the outing to a club on some business trip. By the same token, I expect you guys to give us wives the same respect when we want to go see the Chippendales or something.

(Part two of today’s double feature is Con Sex)

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