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Who am I? by Miz Pink

On my last day of being in more or less total control of the blog I thought I’d do something a little different. A get to know me kind of thing.

So, Deke has his profile on the blog and all that, so even though he hasn’t given up his name or anything, you at least know some basics. As Deke point out here, I’m a little more protective of my identity than even he is. But recently, our friendly Deacon Blue passed along a bit of “fan mail” where some guy was asking all about me. I fear it’s probably some pervy web stalker but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume he’s  a 12 year old kid hopped up on his raging hormones and lacking in his “home training.” Anyhoo, his questions maybe can provide an entertaining jumping off place for you to learn a tiny bit more about me. You’ve been listening to me for a week now while I was filling in for Deke…the least I can do is pull back the curtains a tiny bit.

Here’s the little weiner’s questions, pulled out of his rambling and rather yuckey e-mail message (I guess Deke deleted a comment from him earlier and banned him and that wasn’t enough to stop him tryin) and my answers to them. I’ll throw in a couple more details at the end of all this to flesh things out:

  • hey Hot Pink! Blue Balls has email how can I contact you?

Try reaching me at

  • ur sexy what are you measurments? thats a hot stripper name Miz Pink where do you do your dancin

I’m 5’8″ tall and wear a size 8 1/2 shoe. Probably not the measurements you were hoping for though. You won’t get anything else. Not sure on what basis you think I’m sexy. I’ve posted a lot of photos with my posts but considering how different they are I think you might have figured out that none of them are me. Unless you think I can change my shape at will.

As for my name, emphasize the MIZ when you speak to me…as in Ms. cuz I ain’t your tart. And I don’t strip. Keep dreaming. As for what my job is? Dont worry about it. It’s legal and it doesn’t have any sexual overtones. And after making fun of my Miz Pink name I don’t want to hear any jokes about my other handle, Inda Pink, either. Nothing about getting “inda my” you-know-what or anything like that. I’m “Inda Pink” as in “in the pink” as in feeling good, feeling strong. More than I can say for your empty little self.

  • is ur hair really pink?

Okay, finally a question that doesn’t offend me. Like my name the pictures reflect my somewhat girly nature. I like pink. I also like jewelry and I don’t go out without makeup. Sue me. (I also like punk rock and political rap. NASCAR and hockey. Single-malt scotch and Guiness.) So I found a lot of pix of gals with pink hair at first for my posts. I’m moving on to a lot of other pictures with different pink thing in them. But yes, there is a little pink in my real hair. Just not the whole thing.

  • whats ur race? how old are you?

Are you compiling a dating profile? I’m married so forget it. Okay, race. Didn’t I already say I like NASCAR? Formula 1 racing just ain’t my thing. Ohhhhhhhh, you mean biologically? The human race. Didn’t think that was so hard to figure out. No many space aliens blogging right now. Oh, you mean skin color/ethnicity/etc. Gotcha. Not telling. Deke already has the diversity thing locked down here being white with black wife and biracial kids. Whatever color and cultural background(s) I’m made of, all you need to know is that I’m proud of them.

As for age I’m more than old enough to drink. Way too young to join AARP. And probably old enough to be your mother based on the maturity your questions so far.

  • ur husband sir pink must be a pussy. hit me up if you want a man who likes women.

I doubt you know how to properly handle a woman who isn’t inflatable. And you probably couldn’t keep her either. Love how when you dissed Deke you at least capitalized your name for him as Blue Balls. Yet you get my hubby’s nickname right and lowercase it. Subconsciously projecting our own inadequacies are we? I call him Sir Pink the same reason Deke calls his wife Mrs. Blue…to make the connection to us through our respective color-based names. I think the last guy who touched my butt in public might have something to say about how much a pussy my hubby is but I’m not sure if they’ve unwired the guy’s jaw yet.

Okay, that’s enough publicity for the never to be seen around these parts again pervy guy and/or hormonal teen. Here are some shocking facts that you might not have realized about me:

  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Favorite musical artist: Pink (that’s a joke, though I think she’s cool)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Kids: As of June 2008, 2 running aroud, 1 inside the oven
  • Gender: Female

Okay, here are some things you really might not have known, but maybe they’ll provide context for my posts in the future:

Family: Both my parents are still alive. They were pretty stern when I was growing up but they’ve softened up a bit since the grandkids came along. Daddy’s a law and order type. Mom’s an artistic type. How’d they get together? Don’t ask. I have a young brother, younger sister and an older sister. Both my folks had lots of siblings so family reunions require public parks or social halls. I come from working class roots overall but I wasn’t the first kid to go to college in my family. I was married previously and divorced but not planning on letting the current hubby get away. And that’s why he has one of those house arrest elecrtonic gizmos strapped to his ankle and linked to my cell phone.

Political Beliefs: Liberal. Very. Sometimes Democrat, sometimes Green, sometimes niether. I think war is stupid. I think prisons make people worse. The embargo against Cuba is stupid. Nuclear weapons are stupid (though I’m willing to bend a tiny bit on nuclear power). I think we’re all going to be under water soon if we don’t start taking global warming seriously. I think we rely too much on oil and natural gas. I think the mentally ill are getting hosed in this country. And kids. And animals. And trees.

Religious Beliefs: I believe in the Bible being the word of God and this often clashes with my political views but that’s cool. Let’s leave it at that and you can judge the rest based on my posts around here.

Pets: Three cats, one of which might actually be clinically sane. When he’s not on catnip at least. Also three fish, who live in fear of their lives every time the cats mosey up to the aquarium. Miscallaneous dust bunnies under the furniture. One imaginary dog owned by my daughter.

Hopefully, this will satsify all curiosity assuming you had any to begin with. I’m out. Lets roll out the RED CARPET for Deke’s imminent return to the blog…


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