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Deac’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

When you buy one of those “Greatest Hits” albums of an artist you really dig listening to, does it ever strike you that yes, they are the most popular “hits,” but they often aren’t the “greatest” music that person put out? Well, in that kind of vein, let me roll out links to some of my old posts that I think are worth you reading if you haven’t hit them up already. In some cases, they are posts I really feel I made an important point with; in others, they are simply posts that have gotten a lot of traffic. (It’s also a way of doing an easy and lazy post on a day I don’t want to work too hard…)

Never Promised You a Rose Garden

You Don’t Know Jack(ing Off)

Blinded Me With Science (This one caught me a lot of flak in the comments, and probably much of it deserved. I don’t think it was the best argument I’ve ever made in a post, but the discussion that was generated…and the arguments and recriminations…are interesting)

Porn Again Threat Assessment (and, frankly, all the Porn Again posts associated with this, links to which are at the end of the comments section for the post. After the “You Don’t Know Jack(ing) Off” post, this Porn Again series had to have been one of the most heavily trafficked things I’ve ever done. You bunch or pervs, you…)

Deacon Blue vs. Nsangoma (I actually don’t dislike Nsangoma very much anymore when I see him post in other blogs I frequent. He still says some jackassed things at times, but so do I. These days even when he’s stirring up trouble he seems to be doing it less obnoxiously and he’s much more often spreading some knowledge, even when he does so with major snarkiness. This post, though, got me a lot of attention early on.)

That’s Truly Beastly

Only Two Rules to Follow?

And for my partner in crime around here, a post of hers that is my single most-viewed post of all time(mostly because people find it while searching for pictures of Salma Hayek…but I still think it’s a cool post anyway):

Kid Unfriendly by Miz Pink

Another plug for Miz Pink on the following, because it made me rethink some of my thoughts on gender and the word of God:

Woman on Top

Also, a plug for Big Man, who’s posted here a couple times, since this guest post got some good traffic too:

Pro-life, Pro-choice…Pro Sport


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