Two-fer Tuesday: Walking on Water by Miz Pink

A friend of mine once told me “Don’t wear high heels in a waterbed and then complain when you get wet.”

Okay that’s not true. I’ve never had a friend tell me that. In fact out of idle curiosity whether anyone ever had, the only references I could find online were a warning on not wearing high heels or other pointy obejcts if you’re going to have sex on a waterbed and a reference to Lucille Ball running across a waterbed in high heels and puncturing it in the movie “Happy Anniversary and Goodbye” from the 1970’s. If anyone wants to coin the phrase though just cough up some money and I’ll give you all the copyright rights.

But Deke saddled me with this topic for Twofer Tuesday and I don’t have any pictures of someone walking on water while wearing pink so I needed some kind of lead in based on the photo pick.

But my made up little advise quote maybe fits anyway with today’s point from my side of the isle. There are certain things you don’t do (or don’t wear) if you want certain results.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight for example.

Don’t drink and drive unless you want to kill someone or get a DUI arrest.

Don’t mix plaid and polka dot clothing unless you want to be on “What Not to Wear.”

Don’t drink milk and orange juice together (trust me on this).

But for today’s topic most importantly, don’t take your eyes off Jesus or God when you are trying to walk in faith.

When Peter asked Jesus to summon him out on the stormy sea to walk water with him, everything was fine as long as Peter kept focused on the Lord. But he didn’t. He started looking around at the waves and the listened to the howling wind and remembered: Oh no! People can’t walk on water!

And he sank.

Sure, Jesus saved him. God and Jesus do that for us all the time.

But if we didn’t take our eyes off them so darn often, we wouldn’t need to be pulled outta the drink, ya know?

(Stroll over here for Deke’s post on today’s topic)


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