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I Can See Clearly Now by Miz Pink

Remember the film The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis? I liked that film, and I still like it even though I know the twist ending already and thus the entire film…which is a setup for that twist…becomes all pointless on multiple viewings. I still get the creeps when the little boy says “I can see dead people.”

He saw two worlds. He lived in the one we all see, but he could also see something the rest of us couldn’t.

Imagine being aware of two entirely different worlds and trying to express to family, friends…or worse yet, strangers who don’t even know you…that you’re not insane about that second world being there.

This is the struggle I face in trying to talk to people about my faith. I don’t make a point of doing it but it tends to happen. For some reason people find out I’m a devout Christian and it blows there mind because I don’t have the traditional politics of a Christian. I’m liberal and I believe in the Bible. That don’t compute for a lot of folks.

I don’t mind answering questions about my faith or even my struggles between political and religious stands in my life but it becomes painful when people who don’t really believe in a spiritual world start quizzing me. It’s happening more and more for some reason. I’m not sure if they are just curious or if some of them are trying to do an intervention with me and try to “slap me into reality” by picking apart my faith and trying to get me to discard it because this is the 21st century after all.

What I mind is that people won’t accept that there is a second world…a spiritual one…that is as real as our physical one. Wait! That’s not right. What I mind is that they won’t consider the existence of a second world.

Instead, I get semi blank looks like “how could you believe in an invisibile world and an unseen god?” My intelligence is questioned. Silently. But questioned all the same.

If scientists theorize about pocket universes and alternate realities and divergent timelines and parallel universes they are pushing the envelope and trying to see the universe in a larger way. If sci-fi writers write about those things they are being creative and complex.

But if a religious/faithful/spiritual person talks about it or writes about it…well, we’re nuts. Were blind to reality.

I know the big difference is that I as a Christian believe whole heartedly in this other world without a shred of physical or scientific evidence. But still can’t you grant me that it is possible? Too many people who question my beliefs in discussion boards or chat rooms or real life tell me it is just loony for me to even consider such things.

Yet if some learned person considers it but couches it in science well that’s okay.

I don’t like that.

When I received Christ it wasn’t pushed on me and it wasn’t indocrination and it wasn’t because I was told to believe it. It was a breakthrough. A dam breaking between my worldly self and the spiritual world so that I could embrace my spirit and embrace God and embrace Jesus and embrace salvation.

I can’t explain what that feels like. I can’t explain why that allows me to be aware of another world and believe in it even though I can’t even see it.

But becoming born again allowed me to see clearly. I am sorry that some of you pestering me can’t see what I see. I’m sorry that I can’t adequately explain it without seeming like a loon.

I don’t see dead people.

But I see a whole other life. I wish all of you could too. I hope some of you who don’t will one day.

If and when you do, I won’t say “I told you so” but I will say, “See?”


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