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Where Are Sarah’s Pastors? by Miz Pink

Mini Pink #3 has moved several of my internal organs so out of place and seems to be sitting right on top of all of them at the moment, with the exception of my heart and lung which he or she is jamming his/her fists into right now. I’m uncomfortable, I feel fat (because I am right now)…and I don’t feel at all like I’m glowing, no matter what Sir Pink or the rest of the fam tell me.

So, let’s make this quick.

Why the heck does Fox News get to run clips of Barack Obama’s former pastor over and over again to make both of them look crazy, then all the other news media start talking about “Is the pastor a liability?” “Does this mean Obama has anger against America?” and other crap, and a whole cycle begins that results in Barack having to reject the man who headed up the church he spent 20 years attending…and yet…

Sarah Palin has several wacky pastors and ex-pastors, who’ve said things like our action in Iraq is God’s war and who apparently like to speak in tongues a lot, and not only doesn’t Fox News say crap about it (I didn’t expect them to) but I don’t hear too many other media folks talking about it.

Wow! The black dude isn’t allowed to have ties to any religious figures with colorful opinions. But the white chick is. Oh, and still no mention in the mainstream media about John McCain’s various crazy/homophobic/sexist/racist pastors and spiritual advisors either.

Hmmmm…no double standard there, right? Anyhoo, Deke has more to say on the election stuff today maybe and probably several other times between now and November.

*Sigh* A guy with lots of unspent anger and questionable judgement and a religiously extreme mommy dearest from the arctic tundra. And a pretty decent chance that enough morons will band together to vote them into office. Lovely. Sir Pink…oh honey…are our passports up to date?


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