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God Doesn’t Advertise

Please, please, please, will the gullible among you out in the general population please stop “finding” images of Jesus in common objects or in nature and stop insisting that statues of the Virgin Mary are weeping or that her face appeared in your toast this morning?

God doesn’t advertise. What would be the point of Jesus’ face appearing on a moth’s wings or a crucifixion Jesus Cheeto or the Virgin Mary’s face on a toasted sandwich? How would such things advance the faith? They won’t convince people that Jesus exists or that Mary gave birth to the son of God. They don’t deepen the spiritual connection of a believer to God. Or anything else. I mean, how many times do we look in the sky and think we see a cloud that looks like an animal and then turns into a toadstool and then into…well, then it starts looking like a plain old cloud again.

God and Jesus have ambassadors. Those of us who are born again. They do not take out space on common plants, animals or food products to give us a wake-up call. If they did, it would be a pretty idiotic wake-up call, and I don’t believe in an idiotic Creator and Messiah.

This isn’t about cheesy, pointless gimmickry. It’s about reaching out and making connections.

If you see Jesus in your daily life, get your eyes checked, and your faith along with it. We feel God and we feel Jesus and we feel the Holy Spirit. They don’t plaster holy roller images on random crap.










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