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I May Be Evil, But at Least I’m White

John McCain is a nasty bastard. He ain’t right in the head. He needs anger management and impuse control lessons. He should not be operating heavy machinery, much less an entire nation. Yet he wants to be your evil overlord, and he will stoop to anything to make it happen.

I already pointed out in this post the ad that so evilly and incorrectly tries to paint Barack Obama as a leering pedophile.

Now we have John McCain and gang trying to paint him as a wicked Negro out to steal old ladies’ money. (Go here to find out about that.)

Barack Obama has said some negative things about John McCain, sure…but at least so far they’ve had the vitue of being true.

Memo to John McCain: Bearing false witness against your neighbor is a sin. You should know. You were around when the Ten Commandments were first carved in stone. (OK, cheap shot. But he wants to throw out racism and classism, I might as well give him a taste of agism…and he is a mean old coot, anyway.)


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