Two-fer Tuesday: 70/30 by Miz Pink

Doing another “gimmick” again, similar to last week’s 50/50 posts by Deacon Blue and Miz Pink. This time, though, we each post exactly 70 words for our point, and the other has exactly 30 words to respond. But we can each pick whatever topic we want for our mini-posts today.

Sharing Space

I am so done with being pregnant. I’m due in days which means I’m due any time. I love the glory of bringing life into the world but why can’t we lay eggs? having to rent out my womb to someone I haven’t even met yet just seems so unfair. I know I’ll love Mini-Pink #3. I just think God coulda picked a better way. I just don’t get it.

Deacon Blue’s Response

LOL. My preacher father-in-law believes women were (before that disobedience in Eden) to have painless childbirth. It is what the Bible suggests, though my inner feminist has trouble with that.


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