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Drive-by Scripture, Psalm 24

The earth belongs to the LORD. Everything in it is his own. The world belongs to the LORD. Everybody in it is his own. The LORD built it on the seas. He founded it on the waters. Who can go up the hill of the LORD? Who can stand in his holy place? The person that has clean hands and a pure heart. The person that does not worship idols. The person that does not believe in lies. The LORD will do good things to those people. God will save them. He will say that they are right. They are the people that are looking for God. They want to see the face of (the God) of Jacob.

sunset01Decided to give this one to you in very simple and direct, basic English (you want King James, which is pretty in its own right, go here). I didn’t pick it out for any deep reason. My wife started a nightime ritual with Little Girl Blue recently where they say prayers, do a Bible reading, and then watch all or part of some kiddie flick and cuddle until it’s time for me to put the little darling to bed. Lately, Mrs. Blue has been doing the reading from Psalms, and Little Girl Blue picks it. For some interesting reason, she’s been picking psalms numbered in the 20s for a week straight now.

Anyway, it was Psalm 24 tonight (I did the reading and all the other stuff because the wife is really freaking sick). Just thought I’d share before I go to bed. (Or, more likely, stay up until the wee hours watching a movie on my PC.)


Eyes of God by Miz Pink

pink-baby-gazeNah, I’m not talking about Gods Eyes, those little yarn and stick projects. I’m talkin about the pair on my new little girl Mini Pink Model 3. I’m reminded of the first two kids as I look at her face and how those big, moist eyes suck you in. I don’t think God’s eye (if he has any) are that innocent because Lord knows he’s seen everything. They’d be deeper and more complex. But still I can’t help thinking of God when I look at Mini Pink 3’s eyes. They are so open. So inviting. So utterly lacking in malice.

It’s the purest most untarnished thing that any of us probably get a chance to look at.

I know that we’re “born in sin” and we start early with the desires to keep things and take things and sometimes hurt others. But a newborn or an infant or even a toddler is for the most part so devoid of malice and scheming and nastiness that its a joy to look into their faces.

It gives me a bit of innocence I think. I think that when I look into my little newborn girl’s eyes that the love in my eyes must increase. My heart is filled and I am made a little better.

It’s one of those wonderful little gifts God gives us that we often don’t appreciate and that we too easily forget later on in the press of life.

It’s my third time and I’m sure I’ll forget how wonderful it is again when she’s saying “no” a billion times in a row or screaming becuase I won’t turn the TV on or something.

But for now I’m just goin to revel in those eyes.

(And no that’s not my baby girl. Just like I don’t post pics of me I don’t post pics of my family.)

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