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You Are Here…Just Don’t Tell Anyone

sex-map-partialSo, as I mentioned a couple weeks back, I’m participating in this Blog Off “post every day in November” challenge (click on the link above and you can see some of the others who are doing the same…I think most or all are Christian bloggers). This week, I’m supposed to post at least once on a topic related to sexuality.

Well, twist my arm, huh? You know how shy I am about talking sex.

I’ve had a couple interesting somethings hanging around in my image file and thought I’d share them and share a couple thoughts about them (probably won’t be much religion, if any, in today’s post; just letting you know). Both of them are maps of human sexuality. Honest to God maps, people. I’m not talking about a chart or table that “maps” sexual trends. They are an attempt to graphically represent both the wide range of sexuality among humans, as well as to categorize various interests, kinks and fetishes into groups of similarity, with the imagery of a map.

It’s an interesting exercise. And they are pretty educational if you’re in the mind to learn about what kinks exist that you never imagined could exist. The maps are pretty big (particularly the second one), so I’ve only got thumbnails below. Feel free to either click on the image itself or on the words to the right of it to pull each one up into its own window.

fetishmapbig  Fetish Map as Public Transportation

 sexmap  Your Sexuality Portrayed as a Nation

First, I will say that there are a few stops along the route I’d like to get off on…I mean get off at…er, ah, never mind (in the first map) and a few countries I’d really like to spend a few weeks in (in the second map). I won’t tell you which ones, but I will assure you that none of them involve anything particularly nauseating or horrifying.

Second, while I find the maps interesting and even edifying, I have to say that they also point to the prejudices individuals have about certain sex acts and sexually oriented behaviors.

The “transit map” style one focuses on fetishes/kinks alone, and not really in the context of more vanilla-style sex (at least not any plain stuff in there that I see). It keeps it more focused, but it would have been interesting to know where the more banal, perhaps “suburban”, train stops are.

Now for the huge-ass, nation/island oriented map, which tries to encompass just about everything one could imagine in human sexuality, and not simply fetishes. In fact, it even addresses some psychology in there, with things like the Strait of Self Loathing. You will note that there are some extreme things located beyond a mountain range in the north called the Impassable Reaches. Of course, there are some other pretty nasty and taboo things farther south, too, some of them sequestered on islands and others mixed in with more normal stuff.

So, I get that the idea is to categorize more than to judge. That is, just because something is south of the Impassable Reaches, that doesn’t mean you should do it. But still, I am struck by the fact that spitting is in the realm beyond the Impassable Reaches.


Are we really that uptight?

Look, I guess the idea is that it is being grouped near other things that involve bodily emissions. But I don’t see semen or womanly fluids up there. Those are all in other areas down below (pun may or may not be intended). And how felching (not something I would engage in myself, I should note) ends up in the Impassable Regions while creampies and rimming do not (and they shouldn’t be moved there, either, mind you), I just don’t understand.

But back to the saliva. I mean, really, folks. I get that in public, we would consider spitting on someone rude, but if you want to play with spit in any way, shape or form in the bedroom, that’s hardly “Impassable Reaches” territory. C’mon, just what do you think you’re swapping when you French kiss, anyway?

And frankly, I think golden showers (again, not my thing, let me be clear) are no worse than some of the extreme stuff farther south. At worst, I figure it should be just on the other side of the Impassable Reaches, across from the nastier and unhealthier stuff.

But I don’t draw the maps. I just travel to the places I can afford to get to and feel safe visiting.


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