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Bible Base

Not like we haven’t mentioned God or any religious stuff around here the past few days, but the blog posts have been a bit more general and less direct to spiritual matters.

I think I’m settling into a comfortable rhythm around here where we’ll go through phases. Might be a bit more temporal some weeks and more spiritual on others. I know a lot of you will say, “Of course, it’s your blog. Do what you want with it.”

But for those of you who are wondering, I haven’t stopped commenting on matters important to religion, Christianity and spirituality. Just haven’t been in a space lately where my brain is up to super-deep thoughts much.


Man’s Work by Miz Pink

pink-suited-guyI’m a pretty liberated gal but  I have to say I still have some ole fashioned notions and a lot of them revolve around the proper role of a man. I’m not above working…in fact I like making my own money and having some kind of career so that I can take care of myself now and (God forbid) should Sir Pink ever be out of the picture for whatever reason.

But I still think its the man’s job to kill bugs, mice or any other vermin in the house.

I think it’s the man’s job to take out almost all the trash and to do any icky work involving cleaning out slimed up hair filled drains and nasty slimy muddy gutters and things like that.

And frankly I think it’s the man’s job to support his family. Now I’m not saying he has to carry the load by himself. Tough to do these days. And I’m not saying there aren’t times when it makes more sense for the woman to work and the man to stay home with the kids either full or parttime. But in the vast majority of cases I just think it’s the man’s duty. I don’t really like slacker husbands (or live in boyfriend and things that).

It starts with the dating in my book. I don’t go dutch. I might pick up the cost of some drinks before our dinner or pick up the tip or pay for us to have some ice cream or drink afterward (or did, when I was still dating), but the guy needs to be carrying the freight and buying the dinner and show or whatever.

If you’re dating me and I have a kid from a previous relationship (and I did), I expect the guy, if we’ve been dating a while, to buy my kid some gifts at birthday and Christmas. Particuarly if we’re engaged. Not all the gift, mind you, but there needs to be a good showing.

If we’re heading toward marraige and I hit a little financial problem like my car just blew up on the highway or I need a whole new sink and I’m working and earning plenty, I don’t really expect you to solve all my little problems with your wallet but I sure expect you to offer.

I know, not very feminist of me I suppose.

Not looking for a sugar daddy but if I can’t count on my husband to support me (assuming that there is plenty of gainful work for him to find where we’re at), I find myself wondering why the heck I have him around.

It hasn’t happened with Sir Pink though there was a brief time he wanted to go try the rock star path and I brought him up short on that by reminding him that rock bands don’t get health insurance plans and 401k’s but they sure have a lot of gas expenses and equipment repair and rental crap and bars that will stiff them. Mostly though he’s been the breadwinner. Maybe better to say he’s the meatwinner and veggiewinner and I bring home the bread and condiments.

Just thought I’d share. Modern woman that I am I still think a lot of the traditional male/female roles in many ways. I like equality, but I still want to know there’s someone taking care of business for me and not expecting me to support him.

Gloria Stienem can feel free to come take back my feminist card if she likes.

But she’s got to get through Sir Pink first.

(No idea who the guy in the picture is. Just needed some dude with a pink suit)

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