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Soul Insurance by Miz Pink

Okay so I’m a little late with my Saturday post. But Deke told me he probably wouldn’t post this weekend so I figured…what the heck…how about Sunday instead this first weekend of the new year. And okay even by that deadline I’m running a little late since midnite ain’t far away as I type this.

Might be something to do with not having any bright ideas.

So, I noticed one of those Esurance car insurance ads on TV and realized their cartoon mascot woman has pink hair. You know almost all of my images around here are pink related so it sparked a topic in my mind.

esurance-chickAs an interesting sidenote, as I went searching for images of this “Erin Esurance” to use for this post, it turns out that most of the top results on a google image search are porn related images of her. Cartoon porn is big. Gotta love it. Guys can get hard for anything can’t they?

But back to my topic…soul insurance. I’ve heard some people argue:  Why not just confess your sins to God in Jesus’ name and just ‘assume’ Jesus is the son of God and our savior or at least act ike it…you know, just in case…

I understand the source of this argument…this plea…and it comes from love. People figure that Jesus is pretty unique and they have faith in him being the one true and reliable path to salvation just like I do. And so they say: Just believe in Jesus…please…even if you aren’t really feeling him, because maye that will be enough to save your soul.

Except it won’t.

Look, I think it’s possible there are non-Christian paths that lead to Jesus and salvation. I don’t trust that theory 100% though so I encourage people to consider Jesus with an open mind and heart and with at least a smidgen of willingness to take something on faith. But I would never tell people to just pray to Jesus for salvation if they honest to God don’t believe the guy is the messiah.

Faith is just that. Its faith people. Its a belief in someting you can’t see or prove. You either have faith in Jesus and God or you don’t. Coming to Christianity with an empty faith and just doing it as a backup plan, saying, “Well God, I’m going to church and saying prayers, just in case, so give me credit” just doesn’t cut it.

That’s not sincere. Handing yourself over to God through Jesus has to be something you want and are sincere about and you have to have a seeking heart and spirit.

Otherwise your wasting your time and God’s time.

I think it’s silly to tell people to choose Christ “just in case.’

If you don’t believe he’s the messiah, I’d tell you to just do your best in life and hope that’s enough for God. If there is room in your heart to believe he’s teh messiah I’d encourage you to explore more and pray and see if you can make that willingness turn into a real faith. If you really do believe in Jesus go for it and commit yourself to him.

But as ‘soul insurance’ no. Putting some money into the collection plate and mouthing some prayers you don’t believe in isn’t going to do for your soul what spending some money with Esurance or some other company is going to do if you crash you car. God provides assurance but he doesn’t sell insurance.


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