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clipboard-021OK, I realize I’ve hit some of you pretty hard, with that long-ass installment of Cleansed By Fire on Thursday (though I hope once we got to Paulo’s little quandary the action was enough to keep you interested and going to the end and the last two small vignettes). I mean, I’m sure it taxed the patience of even the most loyal fans who were shouting, “Deac, this is a computer screen; my eyes hurt now…it’s not on paper, damn you!” And then there was another installment of the novel yesterday (mercifully much shorter) and there will be two or three more of them this week.

Of couse, I also provided some balance, not only with a couple other posts on various topics but also two new posts today, one being the second go-around for “Deacon’s DVDs” and also a short (and hopefully sweet) spiritually/biblically oriented entry today too.

I expect to have a guest post from Mrs. Blue within the next couple days, also to help offset the suddenly heavier rotation of the installments of my ongoing novel (plus I might be updating or adding some more stuff to the portal area for backstory and explanation this week), and I hope to see an installment of the Hummus Idol this week too, since the supernatural sonuvabitch failed to show up in January. And I’ll post some things myself that don’t have anything to do with my novel.

Thanks to all of you who visit regularly. Your presence is very much appreciated. And to those occasional visitor or newcomers, I love y’all too. Signing off for now…


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