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Cats vs Dogs by Miz Pink

pink-coiffe-catThere are cat people and there are dog people and much like men and women they’ll never really see eye to eye. Ohhhh I know, there are people who like dogs and cats but I guarantee you they play favorites with one side or the other. It’s like men who are in touch with their feminine side or women who are super-handy with house repairs.

Sir Pink is cat people. Don’t even start with any jokes about his manliness now. I only call him Sir Pink because I’m Miz Pink around here. Trust me, he’s manly. If he could, the housecats we have would be bobcats at the smallest, and pumas and tigers if he could get away with it. Sir Pink, he saw a strange cat on the porch trying to follow Mini Pink model 2 into the house, and he gently lifted it up and carried it away, and got a nice cut on his lip from one of those razor sharp little kitty claws for his troubles. Me I woulda stomped on the porch and screamed and made the kitty run away. Don’t get me wrong, I love our three cats (mostly), but I’d rather have a dog, and the moment one of Sir Pink’s kitty’s meets its natural end, it’s getting replaced by a pooch.

Dogs mostly are predicatable and loyal. I like that. I want a pet that will stand by my side and be happy when I come home even when I don’t have catnip or a toy or food.

Seems to me that there is a similar dynamic in the Christian church as a whole. It probably got cast in its sharpest clearest nastiest form with open armed conflict between Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants in the 20th Century but there are less extreme examples as well, and not just in terms of splits on dogma between denominations.

Sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye on anything but Jesus and maybe not even that at times. Make me crazy how many Christians I know who seem to think Jesus was a NRA card-toting, Republican neo-con (or would be if he were alive today). Me, I think more a super educated and spiritually aware hippie who can kick ass. Others think he was just nothing but love and flowers. So, I guess that makes me a dog and cat person with regard to Jesus. Maybe that’s why I actually can talk to folks on both of the extreme ends still.

Anyhoo my point is that…well, it’s like this: I’m a dog girl married to a cat guy and I’m happy enough with that. As fellow Christians we need to focus more on the core needs of the church and the kinds of attitudes and priorities that Jesus taught us about. If we’d focus less on who’s right or wrong on specific little crap I think we’d get alot more done and do it alot better.


Cleansed By Fire: Adventures in Non-Linear Time

future-dunesHad meant to keep up my momentum on the novel with a couple of new installments each week, but I see it’s been a full week already since my last one. Oh, well. Life intrudes.

Of course, the novel itself is intruding, too, ironically. I don’t know how most people write novels, but as I’ve mentioned before, a lot of this is being done as I go. That is, I have no outline, and only a few set-in-stone events and outcomes to anchor me as I go. One side effect of this is that at times, I am struck by an irresistible need to write scenes that are for future installments rather than the next one in line. As inspiration hits me, I feel like I need to go with the flow and not lose a good rhythm, rather than force myself to write the next installment. Further confusing the non-linear progression of the writing of my novel is that fact that I’ve started to go back and do some re-writes of the earliest chapters now. So, at any given time, I’m living in the present, future and past of my novel, and it’s starting to confuse me. 😉

As I pull together the next installment of the novel in the next day or two, be comforted (if you’re a fan) in the fact that I’ve updated the portal area for the novel with two new informational items:  How the Vatican and the Terran Catholic Church operate and A glossary of occupations, social roles, titles and other people-related terms  in the novel.

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