In the Driver’s Seat by Miz Pink

pink-carI kinda like and kinda don’t like the bumper stickers that go: God is my copilot or Jesus is my copilot.

The parody ones that say “Dog is my copilot” are perfect because what else does a dog do but ride shotgun and provide company for the pilot right?

But God and/or Jesus as copilot. I dunno. I mean, aren’t they really the pilots? Sure you drive the dang car but they’re really in charge so why put them in the second-string position? Why make ’em second fiddle? Why diminish them?

Yea yea yea I know…YOU’RE actually the one operating the wheel. They don’t control your actions. OK, I get the joke.

But it does remind me that when I think I’m so special and on top of things and large & in charge I need to step back and remember.

It’s God who’s in the driver’s seat. It’s Jesus who’s copilot. And I’m a very vocal and sometimes pesky passenger.


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