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Warning Signs by Miz Pink

The Bible does tell us judge not lest you be judged but it also tells us be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I’m not a big one for judging people on appearances but I think we can’t disregard such things either, and I don’t think it’s un-Christian to put up your defenses and be aware and concerned sometimes because people look or act a certain way.

pink-hair-punketteMost animals in nature that might be considered a tasty morsel by a bigger badder animal with sharp teeth go for camouflage or safety in numbers. But some of ’em have genetically and evolutionarily opted for the “bright and clear” look. They have strong, gaudy colors that say, “See me? Dig deep into your genetic memories and recall that one of your ancestors ate me and died! I’m poisonous! Stay away!”

So, sometimes we are given warning signs.

I remember a guy at a job I had that always popped up and inserted himself into any and every conversation he could around the cubicles. He was way too much into “too much information” mode when it came to his sexual activities with the wife. He had a habit of not being very neat with the grooming of his beard. And he was as once described a character in Sienfeld, a “close talker.”

So, I veered away from him whenever possible. I wasn’t very surprised when sexual harrassment claims started to crop up around him.

In the same way, look at the picture I’ve included with this post. She might be a very nice young lady. But I wouldn’t want my son to date her when he’s of age to do so. She doesn’t radiate the vibe of stability, emotional depth and reliability that I’d want in a gal my boy might one day marry. I mean, I don’t think you can have that many pointy things coming out of you and that many dark, sinister tattoos unless you probably want to give the message that “I’m hard to handle and I draw blood and I intend to stay that way.”

So we must not turn aside or turn away from or run away from people JUST because they look a certain way or act a certain way. Because as Christians we must be willing to reach out to anyone who might need the message of the Lord. But at the same time we cannot be so trusting that we reach out right away without being aware of possible dangers whether they are social, emotional or actually physical. We cannot be so naive as to think that God will automatically protect us from all harm because he expects us I think to use our heads as well. He didn’t give us these big brains just to fill up space in our skull.


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