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Remains of the Day

I’ve struggled lately with the challenge of time. So much that I want to do and so little time to do it in. So I stay up late, and I carve out bits of time for myself. I juggle during the day to manage work, family and self.

In some ways, it is agonizing to never have the time I want. In other ways, it is invigorating to figure out ways to balance things. In the end, I am often getting less sleep than ever before, but I also don’t feel particularly weary.

By small degrees, I am trying to perceive life in a new way. My goals. My dreams. My responsibilities. My body. My family. My time. My career.

Things are changing, but it’s not so much by design but by feel. That, and by the grace of God. For that is whom I thank for what inspirations come to me unexpected and unsought. For strength to do things like sleep less yet still be mostly rested.

And, I pray, for wisdom as well. Because there is still so much left to do at the end of every day. And week. And month. And year. And lifetime.


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