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The Next Month

So, I just posted a little rambling philosophical/spiritual post earlier tonight (“Why Must We Go Through This”), and just a day or so ago, a long-overdue new installment of my novel. And, in general, things have been a bit sporadic around these parts since I started up a second blog. So, I thought I might give you a sense of what the next month or so will likely bring.

First of all, hopefully a lot more frequent updates to the novel, perhaps a new one every other day or every third day if I can manage it. For those not enamored of my novel, or science fiction in general, my apologies.

I will continue to post other ramblings on relationship stuff, current events, sex, religion, spirituality, etc. as the moods strike me, but I will admit I haven’t been as inspired on those fronts these days as I’d like, and I probably need to recharge a bit. I don’t want to repeat things I’ve already talked about, and I don’t want to just pick at the low-lying fruit in the news these days, like those birther maniacs who have now turned to forging birth certificates to “prove” President Obama isn’t really U.S.-born. It’s just too easy.

So, novel installments will go up, but my other posts will probably continue at their current lazy pace for a while. Hopefully, y’all will stick with me during my quasi-slump…and I’ll see if I can lure Miz Pink back here for some more posting…though I’m not sure my powers of persuasion can win against the sweet baby breath of Mini Pink Model 3.


Why Must We Go Through This?

A common complaint against God is that if He exists, why would he make us go through all the crap that occurs on Earth before welcoming us into His embrace? Sickness, suffering, woes, violence, and so many more nasties about in life. Sure, there are many good things, too, but no one really pays attention to those or thanks God for them when they can simply focus on the bad stuff and blame him.

OK, sorry…side rant for a moment there.

But there is a legitimate question in there. What is the purpose of being here, if our goal is to be there (i.e. Heaven) for eternity?

Well, first, I highly doubt our eternity is going to be spent lounging around the afterlife or doing nothing but bowing down in front of God all the time. Seems like we’d have something a bit more varied and productive to do than the same ole, same ole forever.

So that means we’ll likely have purpose. Responsibility. And, dare I say, power.

Remember, angels have power. A bunch of them waged war against Heaven. And yet they are servants to us, the children of God. They are, in the end, lesser than humans on the heirarchical scale. Therefore, it is safe to say that we will be potentially far more dangerous to creation and to Heaven than they ever were or ever will be.

Given that, I would kind of expect to be put through some paces. I would, in fact, expect that the afterlife is not simply a destination but a continuing journey and series of tests and opportunities for growth itself.

You don’t toss a set of keys to your kid the moment his or her feet can reach the pedals and say, “Take it for a ride.”

Likewise, I don’t think God is going to simply open the doors to paradise, and reveal deep secrets of creation itself, to just everyone.

This post is a bit of a ramble, I know, but I haven’t really coalesced these thoughts firmly. It’s more of a mental exercise I’m going through. But I do think I may be on to something with it.

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