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C’mon God, Just One More Visit? by Miz Pink

God why dontcha just come on down or appear in the sky and just do a couple miracles for us…or just say, “See, I’m still around?”

That’s a question that gets posed alot I notice and I’ve seen it a few times in recent commentary Deke has been having with folks here and elsewhere on the web. I’ll say this: God appearing and announcing himself is one of the worst ideas I can think of and God is smart enough to know that which is why he doesn’t do it.

Huh? you ask…it would be GREAT, you say, if he would just settle things.

No it wouldn’t and if you break it down you’ll see why.

Okay, so God appears in the sky, for example, and announces himself and maybe reiterates his chief rules of behavior and tells us we need to believe in him.

What happens then?

First, the believers who accept it is God freak out with joy and the more extreme of them would then be even more judgmental of, crueler to and abusive of people who didn’t toe God’s line.

Second, there will be believers who will say, “God didn’t say he was going to do THIS” and will proclaim this to be a trick of Satan and perhaps the beginning of the END DAYS!

Third, there will be believers who might suspect it probably WAS God, but then realize that God still didn’t answer every possible permutation of every one of his rules in context with real life and they will realize they are still scewed and still have to interpret stuff.

Fourth, we will have people who will say “Aliens are trying to trick us into thinkgin they are gods and will use our ignorance to enslave us!”

Fifth, folks who don’t belong to Christianity and especially if they are in nations that are often trampled on, will say, “This is some trick of America or someone else. Projections in the sky and drugs in our water. This is a lie! That was not the almighty we believe in!”

Sixth, we will have many folks who will simply assume they just had a mental breakdown and will start doubting that anything they see anymore is real.

Do ya want me to keep goin’?

The point is that the only way God could appear and make it CLEAR he was God would be to imprint our brains with a big “YOU CAN’T IGNORE THIS AND YOU MUST BELIEVE ME” message. And isn’t that against the idea of free will? Woudn’t he be then forcing a script on us? The only way to appear and make it work would be to turn us all into robots that hear and obey. Our humanity would need to be stripped away.

Or if we are left with our humanity, intellect and free will, we have to judge what we just saw inthe sky and you end up back at thos six things I just talked about plus all the others I didn’t consider.

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