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Drive-by Scripture – Colossians 3:17

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (Colossians chapter 3, verse 17)

Before I start up with the next chapter in my novel, I wanted to get scriptural. And, as with all my drive-by scripture posts, I picked the Bible page at random. As happens some three-quarters of the time, I picked a page with a highlighted passage (odd how that happens, since I doubt I’ve highlighted more than 25% of the pages in the New Testament in this Bible, and far, far, far fewer in the Old Testament).

And this is what I got today; the passage above. The thing is, it doesn’t take much introspection to realize that most of what I do in life, and say in life, isn’t in the name of Jesus. Many times, even when I’m doing something in the spirit of Jesus’ teachings, I’m still not doing it for his glory consciously, nor for the advancement of the gospel.

But that’s not really what strikes me most strongly about this passage tonight, as I blog at 1:30 a.m. What strikes me is that one of the reasons we should do things with Jesus and his teachings and his legacy in mind is because to do so is our way of thanking God. Our best way. That is, I think, what the final portion of the above scripture passage is telling us.

I don’t think many of us in this world say “thank you” often enough to even the people around us, much less God. And while thanking God directly is certainly nice, I am reminded that I’d make Him a lot happier, and more proud, if I did more in His son’s name.


Public Service Announcement

If you are engaging me in a debate on a topic, do not attempt to counter my opinions with information from a highly partisan or highly ideological organization.

I don’t trust Amnesty International to be fully forthcoming on the positive aspects of incarceration and limits on prisoners’ rights. I am not going to get my facts on birth control risks and societal impact of contraception from the Roman Catholic Church. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) is not going to give me an honest, objective opinion on whether or not fish suffer when we catch them and release them. I don’t get my facts about the value of psychology and mental health medications from the Scientologists. Etcetera.

And, to be more specific to my most recent experience today, do not point me to the NCPA (, a conservative/libertarian think tank, for “facts” about global warming (and the “fact” that we have no part in causing it) when I point out that we should be concerned about our human impact on climate change, regardless of whether or not global warming really exists and whether or not humans are fully responsible for it.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Media Whores by Miz Pink

So um…what’s up with the whole media hoax to boost your rep with everyone and make yourself some super hot property huh?

I speak of course of H1N1, who also goes by that cute nickname of Swinie thanks to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virus, giving him the messed up name of Swine Flu.

I mean, he’s got everyone so worried about who he’s gonna kill next that the president has declared a national emergency. I don’t want to be disrespectful or nothing since people have died, a lot of them younger folks who don’t usually fall to the flu but really, has it even made as much a dent nationwide as Katrina did in New Orleans alone? Nope. Swinie has 1,000 so far, give or take. Something like 1,800 direct death from Katrina and an estimated 4,000 total if you include indirect deaths.

And you know what the kicker is? Annually in the 1990’s 36,000 people died each year from the flu according to the CDC. 36 times more than what we’re seeing now. I know flu is serious people and getting vaccinated against swinie is probably a great idea, but we’re only caring now because it isn’t just old folks dying this time. Well maybe they deserve a break this year.

Okay I got off on a rant there b/c what I was really going to do was callously use the swine flu as a joke to lead into our other most popular media whore lately, the whole balloon boy family. Geez what a mess. Get everyone worked up that the kid might be floating away in a balloon and waste tax dollars and cable TV news air time with folks trying to get the kid back then claim he was hiding in the attic just so that you can improve your chances of getting on reality TV shows again.

Not like this is the first time folks have pulled BS to get media attention but it’s just sickens me that folks will use their families and kids especially as tools for this. And I ‘spose I’ll get on Deke’s bandwagon here and include that family with the 18 or 19 or however many kids they have now…the Duggers. And lawd don’t John and Kate roll out their family for the millions (of viewers AND dollars) with ease.

You want to broadcast your whole life in all its messy and perverse idiocy for the masses…fine. But do it while you’re single.

And swinie, you stop using kids to boost your stature too. Maybe you will become a real national emergency but unless I have my head up my rectal orifice and am missing something you ain’t nowhere near there yet.


Cleansed By Fire, the Story So Far (pt. 2)

So, here’s the second part of what I started at this post, a summary that brings us up to the most recent installment of my novel.

Now you are caught up, and it’s high time I got quicker about finishing up.


Chapter 5, Blood and Tears

After forcibly extracting the location of her wandering father from two of his old friends, Maree surprises him on his modest yacht and asks him for advice or help on how to find Stavin. He refuses, both disappointed in her abandonment of the Secular Genesis cause and also believing that she was the one who murdered several of their relatives in a fire. Even after she makes it clear that Stavin did it, and not her, Tobin seems to have more concern with the Secular Genesis agenda than with her predicament—and blames her for the deaths anyway even though she didn’t do the deed herself. Realizing that her father won’t be cooperative, and not feeling that he has any fatherly love in him, Maree threatens him for the information she needs, and makes ready to assault him if necessary.

Roughly an hour later, the templars converge on Tobin’s yacht.

Meanwhile, on Mars, Gregory shares the news of their forthcoming grandchild with Amaranth. We also discover that one of their children, the eldest son (Gavin) had long ago broken ranks with his family to join the Vatican, even though the Catholic Union is sworn to wipe out the UFC. They also resume their discussion about Domina, with Amaranth upset that Gregory has given such lavish accommodations to a mortal enemy—and Gregory pointing out the trouble they would get into with the government on Mars if they were to be seeming to punish her or treat her poorly. Amaranth grows angry when she finds out that Gregory is also following protocols strictly by NOT monitoring Domina covertly. We begin to see in this scene that Gregory’s role at Peteris is more diplomatic, whereas Amaranth’s role as Paulis has some militant aspects.

Onboard Scion’s Dream, the command crew prepares to capture a suspicious messenger vessel en route to Earth orbit from a trajectory suggesting it came from Mars. Bartelle appears surprised, but we discover that he knows it is fake somehow, and meant to be part of the Nazarene’s plans to falsely implicate Mars and/or the UFC in something.

Having seen the templars move on her father’s yacht, Maree runs, knowing that if a strike like that is in progress, monitoring of the city she is in will be higher than normal, and even with her stolen IDentipod, she might be identified, and her new identity compromised. On the way back to her stashed gear, which contains a physical disguise that might keep her from being discovered, she runs into a templar surveillance team. Using a stimulant drug called overhype, Maree is able to take down all three members of the team before they can identify her or raise an alarm.

As part of his daily meeting schedule, Gregory meets with the Panel of Shepherds, the religious leaders who both advise him and Amaranth and serve as a sort of Board of Directors of the UFC. One member, Leonid, along with a few others, take Gregory to task for giving Domina asylum, since that will invite suspicions that the suspicious death of the Red Pope was part of some UFC plan. The head of the Panel is more or less on Gregory’s side, though, and he is able to convince them to give him a couple weeks before they consider rescinding her asylum and sending her away.

Daniel arrives on Mars, still using his false identity, and locates the first UFC chapel he can find, with the aim of getting asylum from the UFC if possible. The chaplain he finds gets in contact with someone high enough up in the chain of command to make him lose a bit of his composure (later, we discover it is Amaranth).

Via holographic communications, Lyseena touches base with her admin staff and Ather as her remaining two admin officers make the rounds of the Red Pope’s requiem celebrations in Nova York. We discover that Ather was in charge of the strike team that raided Tobin’s yacht, and find that Tobin wasn’t onboard, though there are signs he was assaulted, perhaps even killed (although there is no sign of a body). They suspect Maree might have been onboard as well, and they decide to continue seeking Tobin in case he is still alive, as a way to possibly draw Maree into the open.

Domina stews over the fact that Gregory hasn’t been more eager to give into her seductive approach to misdirecting him, and gains a grudging respect for his abilities, though her dedication to ultimately doing in the UFC is still strong.

In a virtual meeting in the SystemGrid (the Internet of the future), Stavin makes sure the various players in Secular Genesis know what they are supposed to do, as they prepare to deal the Vatican some kind of serious blow.

Gina resolves to tell her daughter Grace that Paulo is her father, not her demi-uncle, so that when they see him the next day during the millennial celebration, there will be no more lies between the three of them.

While checking in with a templar team during the requiem events, Kevan sup-Juris is caught on the periphery of a terrorist attack. When he identifies the perpetrator of the explosion, a woman carrying a child—and who is too far away to apprehend—he remotely activates a cybernetic doomhound to track her down and apprehend or kill her, caring not one bit if the child she carries is hurt or killed in the process.

Onboard their spacecraft, Ishtar’s Folly, the Sisters of the Red Sun take part in a hookah, a weekly social ritual of the Shared People (the Ishmaeli race and the Isaacian race, which were created by Muslims and Jews, respectively, in generations past). Sarai relaxes a bit after the stress of dealing with Emil before, and Mehrnaz catches the sexual interest of a female data pirate, an Isaacian named Jordin.

Ather prepares the priest that had earlier been apprehended for involvement with Secular Genesis for his interrogation, planting as much fear in him as possible. We discover the Kevan has requested to be involved in the interrogation and possible torture of the priest, although he is not mentioned by name.

Amaranth contacts Gregory before his next session with Domina to tell him that she is actually impressed with how he has handled the woman, despite her earlier reservations. Gregory is miffed by the invasion of his privacy (by one of his bodyguards, no less) on Amaranth’s behalf, but she promises to seek no more covert surveillance of Domina or Gregory’s interactions with her. She encourages Gregory to continue the interrogations of Domina, knowing that the woman would never open up to her anyway.

Checking in with Paulo, Lyseena discovers that the attack near Kevan wasn’t the only one, and that Secular Genesis is carrying out successively more brutal terrorist actions throughout the requiem event areas. Meanwhile, Stavin gloats about it all, planning even worse things to come.

We meet Bechan Adym, in Israel (which is totally under Vatican control, and cut off from the rest of the world), who seeks to escape the borders of his country with sensitive information. A rabbi (Brifel Mann) who is part of the resistance movement against the Catholic Union’s yoke helps Bechan prepare for the mission.

We also meet Bohlliam, a man in the ashen and magma-scarred ruins of what was once Los Angeles. He is the victim of the emophage virus, but for some reason because of it, is also a sort of reluctant local “prophet.” We get hints that he has some kind of psychic ability as well (which we will later discover is empathy and perhaps a low-level latent telepathy as well).

Maree awakes in her stolen vehicle, after suffering an hours-long coma that is the inevitable result of using overhype. The process is difficult, and she has strange memories and visions in the process. When she finally does regain consciousness, she realizes someone has visited her during her coma. It turns out to be a family friend, Charlyes, who was close to her grandfather (and Maree had always seen her grandfather as more a father figure than Tobin), who has left her a letter cautioning her to give up her pursuit of Stavin, for her own sake.

Domina toys with Gregory’s patience and libido some more, and ups the ante by giving him a gift for Amaranth, which turns out to be a pair of Domina’s soiled panties. Amaranth takes the insult in stride mostly. She also reveals to Gregory that she has granted asylum to someone herself, though she doesn’t tell him who yet.

Bechan works his way through the partially collapsed tunnels under Jerusalem as part of his escape. Meanwhile, conversing with Israel’s primary AI—a relatively young system that hasn’t had to really get its virtual hands dirty yet—Rabbi Brifel Mann determines that in several hours the time will be right to alert Vatican authorities to Bechan’s escape attempt—giving Bechan time to succeed and to make it look like Jewish authorities in Jerusalem aren’t actually helping him.

Meeting with her admin officers and Ather, Lyseena realizes that despite the brutal attacks by Secular Genesis all day, the terrorist actions were probably just to distract them and wear them down for something much worse the next day: during the millennial celebrations.

Chapter 6, Nexus

A UFC deacon named Manguang takes Daniel, who is uneasy with the prospect of living inside Mars, to see Gregory and Amaranth, and gives the native Earther a little education in the ways of natives on Mars.

The Sisters of the Red Sun go on a sort of religious space walk as they prepare themselves mentally and spiritually for the job they are to do for Secular Genesis—both of them with growing unease that this job will not end to their liking.

Bechan emerges from the tunnels alive, only to spy a wyvern—a genetically engineered war creature—in the distance, and flees for his life.

Daniel brief Gregory and Amaranth on what he knows about the Godhead’s illicit AI child. He also puts the risk posed by this unknown AI in context—it isn’t the end of the world, but it could still be something very serious and dangerous. Daniel also explains some aspects of AI-related procreation that may help in tracking down the Godhead’s child.

The Sisters of the Red Sun launch the shuttle for Secular Genesis and then resolve to hunt down Stavin to repay him for the gross insult of sending Emil to them, knowing that the man was a “poisoned” gift. Mehrnaz also reveals to her sister that she has entered into a short-term contractual marriage with Jordin and that the data pirate is tracking and monitoring the shuttle to help provide some data on what it’s for and perhaps use that data to find Stavin.

In a display of graciousness and religious solidarity, Gregory visits Domina not to interrogate her but to offer her a eucharista (a sort of spherical communion cracker) for her to partake of on New Year’s Day, which is the third most holy day of the year, both for the UFC and the Terran Catholic Church. At the end of their visit, however, he cannot resist putting her in her place a bit by telling her she isn’t the only highly placed person from the Vatican offices they are now sheltering. This prompts here to covertly contact the Nazarene to warn him. The Nazarene informs her, in turn, that he plans to extract her from the UFC soon.

Lyseena wrestles with the problem of even worse terrorist attacks as the millennial celebrations take place, and then gets a threatening Grid message from the mysterious Enn (who is probably Nemesis) just as alarms begin going off in the templar headquarters.

Meanwhile, Gregory and Amaranth enjoy an afternoon tryst and then Gregory prepares to go have a visit/meeting with Ghost.

We then find out why alarms have begun at templar HQ, as the crowds in Nova York watch the Black Pope ascend a platform for the first-ever public cognos download (copying of all his current memories to the Godhead) and an unauthorized spacecraft hurtles through the atmosphere, breaking apart to reveal a hellpod, which impact almost on top of the Black Pope’s pedestal.

As this is happening, Gregory reluctantly confronts Ghost with a question about whether she was involved in helping to create an AI child with the Godhead, while electronically monitoring her responses to make sure he gets an honest response. This is insulting to Ghost, and does anger her, even though she understands Gregory’s position. Satisfied that Ghost is still on the UFC’s side, Gregory sets her on a series of tasks to figure out what the Godhead is up to and to track down the rogue AI that is his child.

Paulo watches the impact of the hellpod, knowing that Gina and Grace are far enough away that they can still be saved, but not far enough away to escape on their own. He breaks protocol that requires him to flee back to headquarters via his slipchair (which provides instantaneous travel through the slipgate near his current position), and instead travels to the slipgate nearest to his lover and child, heedless of the harm he causes to anyone else fleeing the hellpod attack. A mishap shortly exit from the gate damages the powersled he had dragged along to accommodate them, and Gina sacrifices her own safety (and, soon, her life, it seems) to protect Grace, handing the girl to her father to spirit away in his small slipchair. Paulo doesn’t want to leave Gina behind, but doesn’t have a choice. Worse yet, he will be taking Gina through slipspace virtually unprotected, thanks to the loss of the sled—and unprotected travel through slipspace always leads to incurable insanity.

At his own vantage point on the attack, Kevan—unlike Paulo—responds promptly to the command to flee the area, though he pauses long enough to watch the streets and building near him begin to melt, and vows retribution on whomever is responsible for such an attack on the Vatican and the Catholic Union.

The Sisters of the Red Sun discover that they helped in the launching of a hellpod, and resolve that Stavin will not simply suffer punishment for his earlier insult, but severe punishment and death for involving them in an atrocity like this.

Maree hears a news report about the hellpod attack and realizes that the most likely perpetrator of such an attack would be Stavin, a revelation that inspires her quest for vengeance to new heights.

Gregory hears about the hellpod attack and is devastated by the heartlessness of it.

Dreamer, the AI that controls the warwagon Scion’s Dream, immediately worries that the hellpod attack may have been perpetrated by the AI Mars’ warwagon, in a repeat of the kind of behavior that caused several warwagons, centuries earlier, to nearly wipe out humanity with hellpods. Even after his innocence is ascertained (in mere minutes) by herself and the AI’s of humanity’s other two warwagons, Dreamer continues to suspect someone on Mars—whether the government or the UFC—of being behind the attack.

Stavin is overjoyed at how the hellpod attack played out, and communicates with Nemesis, who informs Stavin that he will activate no more hellpods for Secular Genesis. Furthermore, Nemesis reveals that he is actually the enemy of Secular Genesis, and the son of the Godhead (meaning that for reasons as yet unknown, the Godhead’s child is working both sides of the fence—in the guises of Enn and Nemesis—though claiming to serve God and the Vatican).

As she deals with the wrenching aftermath of the hellpod attack, Lyseena receives a summons that tips her off to that face that the Black Pope is, impossibly, alive—despite being at the impact point of the hellpod.

Chapter 7, Out of the Ashes

Reporting back to his fellow cell leaders, Stavin reveals the treachery of Nemesis but plays up the positive aspect that with one hellpod attack under their belts, and several more hellpods in their possession, it doesn’t matter that they cannot activate the other ones, as long as the Vatican thinks they can.

In Angel City, Bohlliam is little concerned about the hellpod attack, except for the fact that the death of one of the people he is remotely linked to (to provide the emotions and will to live that he lost as a result of emophage infection) provided horrible emotional backlash for him. Moping about his condition and future, he considers just unhooking from the gear that allows him to tap the emotions of those he is linked to and thus slowly drifting into death. But in the end, he decides that too many people are relying on him for his “prophetic” services (actually, a form of empathic dream interpretation) for him to give up.

A representative of the Black Pope confirms that he is alive, having never been in Nova York (though a surrogate with a holographic array was there in his place to make it look otherwise), all because the Vatican had prior warning of the attack (though no knowledge of what kind of attack would come). Gyles and Lyseena are furious at not having been told, though the papal representative insists it is for the best that thousands died, so that it can unite citizens against Secular Genesis and the UFC (the Vatican working under a convenient assumption, whether they believe it or not, that the UFC is working with the terrorists). It will also increase the cachet of the popes, as the Vatican plans to spin the Black Pope’s survival as a direct intervention by God.

The defense minister for the government of Mars meets with Gregory and Amaranth to let them know that not only has the Vatican insisted the UFC was in cahoots on the hellpod attack, but that the Vatican and Catholic Union are demanded their extradition. She assures the couple that MarsGov has no intention of rescinding the protection that has kept the UFC safe from the Vatican for decades, but that she expects the UFC to work hard to help find out who is truly responsible for the hellpod, as the Catholic Union will almost certainly declare open war on the UFC and possibly Mars as well.

That old family friend of Maree’s, Charlyes, deals with a very vile man to get help in tracking down Tobin, a task he feels he must undertake out of respect for the memory of the man’s father, who was his best friend.

Lyseena pieces together, based on Paulo’s actions, that Grace is actually his child and not his demi-niece. She tells Paulo that his betrayal of his vows sickens her, but that she will not turn him in since another scandal so close on the heels of Maree’s betrayal might ruin her. Later, Lyseena meets with Ather to determine whether he knew of the Black Pope’s deception, and decides he didn’t.

Rabbi Brifel Mann, still unsure whether Bechan made it out of Israel alive, sets Kotel, the nation’s main AI, on some dangerous tasks.

Onboard Scion’s Dream, Bartelle is disturbed to find that he has been involved in a conspiracy to launch a hellpod, though he has no intention of turning the true conspirators in, knowing he would be punished with them. Instead, he falsely arrests and implicates a crewman and, by extension, the presume missing (though actually dead at Bartelle’s hands) Counselor Atkins.

Amaranth visits Domina to make it clear that she will suffer if she actually manages to succeed in seducing he husband. Meanwhile, Gregory, unaware of the exchange, is too busy anyway receiving the Vatican ambassador who arrives to officially declare war on the UFC. Thinking it is just posturing and business as usual with the Vatican, Gregory finds out all too soon that the Catholic Union is already killing and abducting UFC personnel in nations and locations that they have no jurisdiction in, including Mars.

Restless inside Mars, Daniel decides to go out to some casinos to gamble, against Manguang’s advice.

Aided by a hired thug, Charlyes barges in on Tobin’s hiding place and finds out that his loyalty to Secular Genesis’ leadership has been sorely frayed by the hellpod attack. Telling Tobin that he hasn’t been involved in Secular Genesis for quite some time, he forces Tobin to accompany him on a quest to find Maree and keep her from getting herself killed.

Acting on information she got from beating her father earlier, Maree finds one of Stavin’s hiding places. Though Stavin isn’t there, she does find there one of the men who helped Stavin assault her, and tortures the man brutally both in retaliation and to obtain information.

Daniel is followed and attacked by a mysterious individual at one of Mars’ casinos.

Paulo sits by the bedside of his daughter. Partially protected in her journey through slipspace, Grace is comatose and clearly disturbed, though not overtly insane as typically happens with unprotected slipspace travel.

Gregory has a horrible dream of his eldest son Gavin killing Amaranth, and then wakes, making love to his wife fiercely.

Late at night, Lyseena meets with a woman (once a citizen of Mars years ago), Tana sup-Juris, to tell her she is being promoted to fill the space left by Maree’s defection.

Chapter 8, Framed in Pain

Ather, with the aid of a freelance investigator named Demus, examines the scene of Maree’s attack on (and torture of) Stavin’s henchman, looking in particular at a threatening note that she left for Stavin, sticking out of the deceased man’s penis. Maree watches the scene play out from afar, having lured Ather there and having left the note only to get the templars to start looking for Stavin (as she hopes to find him through their efforts).

Gregory once again visits Domina, fending off her seductions and going on the offensive again with the too-coincidental connections between the Red Pope’s death and that of a White Pope generations earlier.

Bohlliam awakes from a nap feeling almost normal emotionally (something his “feeding” off the people he is linked to doesn’t quite achieve, as most of them are mentally ill). He then realizes there is another mind inside his own now, and that mind turns out to be Grace’s, and she urges him to go to Nova York immediately.

Using a small robotic device carrying her old IDentipod, Maree sends the templars off on a wild goose chase that make it look like she’s fleeing West, when in fact she’s headed back East to locate a spy in the lower echelons of the templar organization who might be able to help her find Stavin by keeping tabs on templar communications for her.

Amaranth confronts Daniel for unnecessarily putting himself at risk (he wasn’t abducted or killed by his assailant, as Manguang had sent someone to follow and protect Daniel). He expresses his revulsion at living inside a cold, dead planet, and she in turn shows him some of the real life on Mars, that tourists don’t care about, and which isn’t anywhere near as cold and sterile as he fears it is. She warns him that his attacker was hired by the Vatican, and also tells him he will have a personal bodyguard (masquerading as his lover) from now on to make sure his restless wanderings don’t get him killed.

Charlyes reiterates to Tobin the importance of saving Maree from her path of vengeance, while Tobin likes the idea of letting Maree run rampant, since he is disgusted that Stavin would resort to a hellpod as a way to achieve the aims of Secular Genesis.

Mehrnaz discovers that her sister has killed Jordin, to whom Mehrnaz was contractually (if temporarily) married. When asked why, Sarai reveals that Jordin was going to sell the Sisters of the Red Sun out to both the Vatican and the UFC, as well as extort Stavin into paying her to keep the sisters away from him. The upside is that information uncovered by Jordin may help them find Stavin faster.

Ghost’s investigations turn up that the Godhead’s AI child was birthed/created on Mars in secret, and that the former Vatican ambassador to Mars, Drewtine Atkins (the same man that Bartelle secretly killed onboard Scion’s Dream) was involved. Furthermore, she reveals that the AI is probably military in nature, and that the mother was likely Dreamer, the AI of Scion’s Dream. After Ghost shares this, Amaranth tells her to harass the Godhead to try to shake out more information about his child.

Maree continues Eastward toward Nova York, but in better transportation, gained by the death of yet another criminal at her hands. At the same time, though, she worries over the fact that she also recently had to violently assault an innocent citizen to protect her identity.

Paulo, having picked up Maree’s trail, covers up some data that might otherwise have helped Lyseena and Ather find her. He then contacts her with a coded Grid message to ask for her help in dealing with his tricky situation, now that Lyseena knows he is in violation of his vows.

Still carrying much of Grace’s mind inside his own, Bohlliam deals with her irritation that they aren’t getting to Nova York faster, and tries to forge a stronger bond with her, since her emotions inside his mind are so much better than those that draws off of his authorized sources. She prods him to move faster with the revelation that if she isn’t reunited with her physical brain soon, she may dissipate and that won’t do either of them any good.

Bechan finally arrives in Europa, having successfully eluded the Vatican but having lost one hand in the process. He then prepares to locate his Voudoun contact.

Nearly a week after discovering the link between the Godhead, Dreamer and the rogue AI known to some as Enn and others as Nemesis, Ghost is able to arrange a virtual meeting between herself, Dreamer, Gregory, Amaranth and Daniel. They confront Dreamer about her involvement in helping to sire an illicit AI, fairly certain that she wouldn’t approve of Nemesis’ actions, but she denies everything. She even passes what is supposedly a foolproof test against lying by an AI—meaning that either they are completely wrong about their suspicions (unlikely) or that AIs can be capable of deceit.

After that meeting, Dreamer struggles with this information, not having guessed that her AI son was behind the hellpod attack—something that goes against all her own codes of behavior—and she wonders what hand the Godhead himself might have had in these affairs. We also discover that not only is the son of the Godhead and Dreamer also the mysterious Enn and enigmatic Nemesis, but also the shadowy Nazarene who is scheming with Bartelle, Domina and others.

Meanwhile, Stavin is ambushed and captured by the Sisters of the Red Sun.

Chapter 9, Reunions and Seekings

Dreamer invites Bartelle (who had already moved on from captaining Scion’s Dream to beginning his governorship) into a virtual meeting, realizing that he would have been the one to deliver her inception routines to create her and the Godhead’s son, the Nazarene. She begins to question him, and when he tries to log out of the program, she reveals that he is actually inside her systems and no simply on the Grid, and that she has complete control over his fate, and his life, at the moment. He admits to working for the Nazarene and reveals his involvement in the death of Counselor Atkins, the framing of a crewman, and the false implications of the UFC in conspiracies and attacks against the Catholic Union. One Dreamer is done with him, she induces a stroke in his body through the neural link, killing him.

With Stavin now their captive, the Sisters of the Red Sun speak with him, meaning only to intimidate him until they figure out how best to punish and ultimately kill him. In the process, they discover that he is being hunted by someone else (Maree) who according to their code of honor may have as much a claim to harming him as they do. So, they resolve to put Stavin in stasis and attempt to locate Maree. Before they do, though, Sarai drugs him to extract information on how they might get a message to her.

Maree meets with Paulo, and agrees to help him in trying to get himself and Grace out of the Catholic Union.

Grace continues to ride inside Bohlliam’s mind, aware that he is becoming addicted to her presence and trying to hide from his thoughts the fact that when she reunites with her body, she will separate her consciousness from his completely. In the basement of the hospital where her three year old body lays, she enlists his aid in linking her back with her mind, and then, when she senses Paulo enter her room, she exits Bohlliam’s mind without warning, sending him in a fury. As Grace suddenly awakens, Paulo is thrilled to find her lucid, then disturbed to realize that she is talking and thinking like an adult, not the child that she should be. She tells him about Bohlliam and insists they must escape the Catholic Union as soon as possible.

Bechan meets with his Voudoun contacts, who provide him with all the help he had hoped for, but then also give him a zombi (a person turned into a programmable servant), a gift that hints at them knowing far more than they should about him (since he had joked in Israel that perhaps they might give him one) and perhaps more nefarious purposes.

Gregory has one of his regular meetings with Domina, who is uncharacteristically subdued, and he is called away early by Amaranth and Ghost. When he leaves, Domina translates a coded message from the Nazarene telling her he will rescue her shortly after the new Red Pope is named. Meanwhile, Ghost and Amaranth tell Gregory that the new Red Pope will be named the next day, and they have reason to believe it will be Gavin—Amaranth and Gregory’s eldest child, who defected years earlier to the Vatican.


A Thousands Words Indeed by Miz Pink

I know Deke is trying not to comment much on healthcare issues since he outed himself and he does healthcare and pharma writing and I’m a-gonna try to refrain as well ‘cuz of that, but the poster below certainly should engender some thought regardless of which side of the issue you sit on:


I mean it can be argued convincingly that other nations have had problems with socialized medicine and we ain’t the only first world nation that goes on unnecessary warpaths but doesn’t it say something about us for being the lone holdout? I mean what’s up with that…and with us still rejecting the metric system too. Didn’t America learn how to play well with others in school?

Big, floppy pink hat tip to Kelly Belle at Ephatha blog (it’s in Deke’s sidebar over there on the right) for using the image so that I could go and spread it around here. Guess the original image came from a site called which looks interesting.


Cleansed By Fire, the Story So Far (pt. 1)

Even summarizing things, I’ve already got a lot of text just for the first four chapters. So, for those of you who have been reading my novel and have lost track of things since it’s been going on for so long…and for those of you more recently come to my novel who need a summary, too…here are the first four chapters outlined for you, with the other five current chapters to be summarized in a day or so.

Then it will be back to work to conclude (over another few chapters at least) this first novel…in what I fear will be a trilogy of novels ultimately.


Chapter 1, Requiem for the Red Pope

As the end of third millennium approaches, one of the three popes of the Terran Catholic Church (which, through the Vatican, controls the better part of three continents—the Catholic Union—both politically and spiritually) has died. Against the backdrop of the Red Pope’s demise, regional templar commander Lyseena xec-Juris in Nova York brings together her administrative officers—Paulo sup-Juris, a polished officer who had been raised in a wealthy merchant-class family; Mare exec-Juris, a more hard-around-the-edges officer; and Kevan sup-Juris, a more wise-cracking officer. In that meeting, they discuss the challenges of handling security for the upcoming millennial celebration (the templars being a national investigative and law enforcement body), just days away, and having to handle security for the Red Pope’s requiem celebration, which will be held the day prior.

The steward for Lyseena’s office, Willem Staffordis—whose job it is to serve both as a secretary/administrative assistant and as a watchdog for the Vatican in the regional templar office—brings Lyseena news that a pair of her most talented technical officers, Adam and Elisya, (who are in their official pre-marriage courtship period) have been caught in the act of premarital sex (a crime, but relatively minor) and the use of birth control (a very serious crime in the Catholic Union). Lyseena orders Adam to be sent for castration and eventual assignment to a work farm for life, and orders Elisya to have her ova harvested and be sent to serve with the Dry Sisters, a sort of medical/healthcare equivalent to the templars.

Seeing a few too many coincidences with the convenient revelation of Adam and Elisya’s activities, along with the suspicious death of the Red Pope just before the chaos and stress of the millennial celebrations, Lyseena meets with Ather sup-Juris, who is both an interrogator for the templars as well as an internal affairs officer and intelligence officer under the service of the Black Pope. She asks him to look into the suspicious affairs.

Meanwhile, on Mars, Gregory Dyson, the Peteris (co-pope) of the church known as the Universal Faith Catholic (UFC), receives a Vatican ambassador, Samuel Landers, who invites him and his wife, Amaranth Dyson (who, as Paulis, is the other co-pope of the UFC) to the requiem and millennial celebrations on Earth. As the Vatican has long been at odds (and sometimes open hostilities and warfare) with the UFC, which is a far more liberal faith institution (and unlike the Vatican, does NOT have any kind of political or territorial control), Gregory deduces this is a trap, and declines. Also, as Amaranth is missing on Earth, after a bloodless coup orchestrated by the Catholic Union in the African nation of Uhuru, Gregory takes the opportunity to deliver a subtle insult to the ambassador before dismissing him.

Later, Gregory receives a visitor, Domina xec-Academie, who was the right-hand administrator for the late Red Pope. She requests asylum. Although he mistrusts her, and she immediately begins their relationship by unsuccessfully trying to seduce him, he grants her asylum because she claims to have important information about the demise of the Red Pope (including evidence that his death was orchestrated), a death that Gregory fears the UFC will be blamed for. However, the asylum he grants is a sort of “house arrest” so that he won’t lose track of her.

Back in Nova York, as Lyseena’s team heads home for the night, Maree sup-Juris makes some covert communications to a terrorist/resistance group (Secular Genesis, which seeks the downfall of the Vatican and, ultimately, all religious institutions) that she is secretly part of, in an effort to confront her cell leader, Stavin, who has put her in harm’s way by remotely accessing her data at the templar offices too frequently and blatantly.

Chapter 2, Women and Children

A successful British lawyer named Daniel Coxe, who had in more recent years become an artificial intelligence systems programmer for the Vatican, discovers anomalies in the Vatican’s premier AI, the Godhead (which holds the memories of dozens of previous popes and many memories of the current ones as well), which indicate that the Godhead has secretly created an AI child, without authorization and without telling anyone.

Amaranth, who had been on Earth as part of her missionary duties as Paulis of the UFC, is on the run from the Vatican with her bodyguard, having gotten most of her team safely off the planet, and the two of them prepare to don some quick disguises through the miracles of high-tech temporary cosmetic surgery, to slip away themselves.

Maree arrives home, having demanded that her cell leader, Stavin, meet her there to discuss her role in his plans, only to find that she was being monitored all along, and he is already there waiting for her with two thugs. He assaults her and threatens her by promising to burn several of her family members alive if she doesn’t cooperate with his plans.

Getting set up in the very large set of suites that Gregory has granted her (so that he cannot be accused of holding her a literal prisoner), Domina installs a tiny device into her new apartment’s computer systems to facilitate secret communications with someone called the Nazarene, who is behind her false “defection” to the UFC.

Bartelle D’Onofrio, captain of the warwagon Scion’s Dream (the single most powerful military spacecraft in the Vatican’s orbital armada), stands over the body of a man he has just killed in his quarters, mere days before the captain is set to retire from the military and take Vatican vows to become a governor of one of the Catholic Union’s regions on Earth.

One of Lyseena’s three templar admin officers, Paulo sup-Juris, goes to his aunt’s home instead of his own apartment, and lays in bed with Gina, whom everyone thinks is his cousin, not realizing that his real cousin has relocated under another identity to let this woman take her place and be close to Paulo. The false Gina is Paulo’s lover, with whom he has a child named Grace, and this puts him in violation of his vows (of loyalty and chastity) and puts him and “Gina” in violation of several very serious laws of the Catholic Union.

In space, Emil Standish, a member of the resistance/terrorist group Secular Genesis, meets with twin sisters Mehrnaz and Sarai (the Sisters of the Red Sun), who are elite mercenaries, to deliver necessary equipment for a mysterious job (which they don’t even know the full details of) that they are to perform for Secular Genesis. In the process, the xenophobic Emil, who distrusts genetically engineered races (the sisters are members of the Ishmaeli race), mortally insults their honor and almost gets himself killed in the process.

At the end of the day, as Paulo lays with his illegal wife, Lyseena frets about her spiritual and temporal duties and prays for herself and her admin officers, knowing nothing of Maree’s betrayals or Paulo’s indiscretions. Meanwhile, Lyseena’s other admin officer, Kevan, has perverse and sadistic dreams that give us a window into the darker parts of his nature that he hides behind his public demeanor and his jokes.

As morning comes, Maree gets into a vehicle with her Secular Genesis shadow, and acts as if she is cowed by Stavin’s threats and demands the night before. Instead, en route to the city, she kills the man who is to bring her to work and keep tabs on her, and embarks on her own agenda, fearful that her decision might cost family members their lives.

Chapter 3, Narrow Paths and Wide Gates

In the commandeered vehicle of the Secular Genesis operative she has just killed, Maree picks up a unaware Paulo, who thinks it’s the livery car he had ordered to take him back to the office. Once she reveals her identity, she tells Paulo that she knows about his illegal relationship with Gina and his illegitimate child, Grace, and demands that he reveal her as a Secular Genesis plant and spy and round up her relatives for questioning to keep them out of Stavin’s hands.

On Scion’s Dream, in orbit above Earth, we discover that the man that Captain Bartelle D’Onofrio killed was the ship’s counselor, Drewtine Atkins, and that his murder was ordered for some reason by the Nazarene as part of some larger scheme.

Daniel Coxe, knowing that his discovery of the Godhead’s secret AI “child” can only lead to trouble for himself, arranges with one of his cousins to meet at a casino soon in another region of the Catholic Union, in order to figure out how to get him out of the Catholic Union and hopefully back to his original homeland in Europa.

We discover that Ather sup-Juris has some kind of deep affection for Lyseena (although their vows would prohibit acting on any such thing), and that he has some information to give to her regarding the recent mysterious happenings.

Maree tests the wraithskein (high-tech camouflage bodysuit) she took from the man she killed who was supposed to shadow her, and considers her options, deciding finally that she won’t seek vengeance on Stavin and will instead just abandon both her lives: working with Secular Genesis and serving as a templar for the Catholic Union. Then she hears a news report that lets her know Paulo wasn’t able to round up all of her family, and that Stavin did indeed burn those few relatives alive, some of them children. At that point, she commits herself to a path of revenge.

Ather shares with Lyseena intelligence suggesting that Adam and Elisya were set up to be caught in flagrante by someone named Enn whom they both thought was a friend.

Emil reports back to Stavin, who is furious that he insulted the Sisters of the Red Sun. As punishment, he decides to ship Emil back to the twins with evidence of his xenophobic hatred for their kind. Although some of Stavin’s fellow cell leaders are concerned that Emil’s actions may have jeopardized their plans, Staving assures them that things will remain on track. We also get the first mention of a mysterious figure named Nemesis, who is helping Secular Genesis and seems to have a secret to arming hellpods (weapons of mass destruction that came all too close to exterminating humanity many centuries earlier).

In recovery after his castration, and awaiting his forced servitude on a work farm, Adam finds himself blaming Elisya for his predicament and receives a covert message from Enn that reveals that Enn betrayed both him and Elisya.

Daniel, under the pretext of taking a weekend trip, heads for Pacifica to meet with his cousin and try to flee the Catholic Union. En route, he finds out about a new product to allow AIs to lie, a notion he scoffs at.

Gregory gives the UFC’s premier AI, Ghost, some investigative tasks related to Domina and the late Red Pope.

Ather discovers that Secular Genesis was tapping templar data through Maree, and also reveals to Lyseena that Maree’s ascension in the templar organization seems to have been part of a plot going back at least three generations, and which included her father, Tobin Deschaine, also a celebrated templar officer. They decide to track down Tobin, who now lives very much under the radar, to help locate Maree.

The Sisters of the Red Sun speculate about the seemingly innocent shuttle that they are supposed to launch for Secular Genesis, and what nefarious things it might hide. Meanwhile, on Scion’s Dream, Bartelle prepares to frame a crewman for the disappearance of Counselor Atkins and implicate both men in various conspiracies as part of the Nazarene’s grand plan.

Lyseena tightens procedures for her staff in the wake of Maree’s betrayal, and brings Ather in to temporarily fill the gap left by Maree. After this, Lyseena meets with Gyles xec-Juris, who nominally leads the Red Orders until a new Red Pope is named (thus making Gyles her ultimate superior, practically speaking). Gyles berates her for failing to realize Maree was a traitor, but she turns the tables on him by revealing that he was in a better position to know, having been directly responsible for much of Maree’s career advancements (a fact she can prove and that he wouldn’t want public). She then forges an uneasy alliance and peace with Gyles by offering to get him a plum position using her own political capital, since he will lose his position when a new Red Pope is named, and he has no more favors he can call in. Before they part, Gyles reveals that he had planned to have Lyseena stripped of her rank right after Maree’s betrayal was discovered, but was headed off by the Godhead, for reasons unknown.

Chapter 4, Requiem’s Eve

As he waits for his cousin to meet him in the casino they’ve designated for his escape, Daniel looks forward to putting as much distance as possible between him and the Godhead AI (and the human elements of the Vatican, too), even as he listens to news of one nation invading another using an army of remote-controlled factory-grown troops (meat puppets).

After receiving news that he is to be a grandfather again soon, Gregory gets news from Ghost that there is a connection between Domina, the late Red Pope, and a White Pope of the past who died under similar suspicious circumstances. That earlier pope also turns out to have been the man indirectly responsible for almost eliminating Muslims worldwide through a custom virus (which also led to the death of many non-Muslim Arabs and Jews as well).

Paulo examines taunting communications from the mysterious Enn to the templars, then has a discussion with his aunt about his emotional neglect of Grace. He also tells his aunt to extend an invitation to Gina and Grace to attend the millennial celebrations in Nova York so that Paulo can meet with his lover and daughter secretly in public.

Maree murders a criminal she had been keeping safe for years as a street informer, and kills his lover as well, so that she can get a new IDentipod to hide her identity and aid her in avoiding the templars searching for her.

Having received Emil as a “peace offering” from Stavin, the Sisters of the Red Sun are unsure what to do with him (they don’t feel enough rancor to kill the man, as Stavin had hoped they would) but are culturally obligated to accept the gift, at least for a time. In the end, they decide that at least Emil might serve as an organic sex toy for now—a thought that the xenophobic man finds repugnant.

Lyseena breaks in two new tech officers to replace Adam and Elisya and finds out that at least one lead gleaned from Maree’s office and her betrayal has born fruit and netted them a suspect to question (a local priest) who seems to have links to Secular Genesis.

Gregory prepares to meet with Domina and try to get useful intelligence from her, despite knowing that her intentions aren’t totally honest. What he finds is a scene calculated to seduce him and befuddle him, and after some taunting and innuendo on Domina’s part, Gregory simply leaves in frustration and anger, unwilling to resort to extreme measures that might get information out of her.

Stavin consults with Nemesis via a secure audio transmission, and Nemesis warns him he shouldn’t have left Maree alive, though Stavin remains unconcerned about her.

Emil, having viewed his sexual treatment at the hands of the Sisters of the Red Sun as a rape (though culturally, they see it otherwise) and hating both of them simply for being Ishmaeli, he taunts and insults one of the twins when she comes to tend to him. Disgusted with his behavior and with Stavin for giving Emil to them, the twins launch him out of the airlock of their spacecraft.

Thinking that he is about to be transferred to the work farm where he will likely spend the rest of his life, Adam finds himself given over to officials from the office of the White Pope, and realizes with horror that he will be refitted and physically altered to be a drone in the service of the Dry Sisters, the very group to whom his former fiancée is being turned over.

With false identification in hand, Daniel boards a spacecraft bound for Mars, which his cousin has deemed the safest destination for him to be out of reach of the popes and the Godhead.

After collecting himself, Gregory returns to Domina’s suites for a surprise visit, and confronts her with the connection between the Red Pope and the long-dead Pope Kuang-Hsu whose viral technology almost wiped out Islam. Although he doesn’t get any information out of her, he is gratified to put her on the defensive for once.

Working late with her admin officers, Lyseena realizes that the mysterious Enn who set up Adam and Elisya is almost certainly the same individual as the person Nemesis they have recently found out about who is working with Secular Genesis.

After interrogating Domina, Gregory returns to his chambers, alarmed to find a strange woman on his bed, who turns out to be his wife, Amaranth, heavily altered by temporary cosmetic surgical work. He is overjoyed that she is alive and returned to Mars, though he gets a somewhat cold response at one point from her when she discovers the lavish appointments he has given Domina for her asylum (since Domina is responsible for much of the harassment that Amaranth endures from the Vatican when on Earth).

(part two of the summary is here.)


Cleansed by Fire, Part 61

For the previous installment of this story, click here.

Or, visit the Cleansed By Fire portal page for comprehensive links to previous chapter installments and additional backstory and information about the novel.

Cleansed by Fire

Chapter 9, Reunions and Seekings (continued)

After so many visits to Domina’s suites, dealing with every form of seduction or sexual innuendo known to humankind being thrust in his face, Peteris Gregory future-in-vestmentsDyson was wholly unprepared to see a plate with a pastry waiting for him, and Domina attired in very casual, standard garb.

She sat with a similar plate and identical dessert in her lap, a nicstick smoldering in an catchtray on one side of her and a cup of tea steaming near her other hand.

“Come, Gregory, have a bite with me. I’m so tired of talking about ancient papal history and current Vatican politics,” she said to him silkily.

“Don’t you mean you’re tired of giving away tiny clues to me, with increasing frequency, despite your best intentions to obfuscate?” the Paulis countered. The dessert did look delicious, but it was highly disturbing. Not because of any risk it posed, because Miko would never let him anywhere near a fork to eat it anyway. Rather, because it was a honey-grape crispcake with a light ginger cream frosting—Gregory’s favorite sweet treat, and one he only enjoyed here on Mars, in his own chambers, baked by his wife when she was actually in-planet and in a doting mood.

How deep a damn profile do their have on me, anyway? Need to steal away a couple of the Vatican’s psychotechs for ourselves.

“You don’t really think I haven’t told you anything I didn’t want you to know,” she said. “I simply don’t want to shatter your delicate male ego. Please, have a bite. I don’t bake for many of my captors.”

“Watching the waistline, Domina, but thanks,” He told her, “and I granted you asylum, if I recall. However, I bow to your continuing ability to regale me with how much you know about my tastes—in all things.”

As she opened her mouth to respond, Gregory’s linkpad chimed—only two individuals would have ignored his order not to interrupt him for the next hour. One was the UFC’s chief AI. The other was his wife.

As he glanced at the text display, he was dismayed to discover it was both of them, telling him he needed to cut his session with Domina short.

“You know, I was just about to take a taste of that, Domina,” Gregory lied with an almost convincing cadence and grin, “but something seems to have come up.”

* * *

Domina swept the dreadful cake Gregory found so appealing into the disposal bin the moment he, his bodyguard and the MobileEye had left her apartment. On the one hand, it was a shame to have their session end before it could even begin. In a domina-fancy1strange way, the Peteris’ visits were a comfort to Domina—she could almost have called it a friendship, even if the man were a bitter enemy, technically speaking.

Even more than that, it was the only mental stimulation she could enjoy these days. Gregory was proving to be more adept at the finer points of misdirection and manipulative diplomacy that the psych profiles gave him credit for having. No doubt the influence of his wife, or that damnable AI Ghost—or perhaps both of them.

But in the end, the Nazarene really didn’t expect her to seduce the Peteris or to totally confuse him; only to waste his time. And, at least, Gregory’s departure meant she could continue to translate the latest message from her patron. The Nazarene had sent a much longer than normal message, which meant pieces of it were hidden in dozens of different innocent-seeming transmissions and messages to her terminal.

When she finished, the completed message filled her with pangs of remorse for the past—for the Red Pope who has been her mentor and lover—as well as with an eager, fierce rededication to her current mission.

When the new Red Pope is named, I will come for you. The arrival of an important new visitor is your signal. I will come from the sky and carry you out of the nest of your enemies.

* * *

Gregory made his annoyance clear when he arrived in Ghost’s atrium. Uncharacteristically, Amaranth was there as well.

amaranth“What couldn’t wait for another damned hour or so?” he snarled.

“The White Pope, Black Pope and Godhead are sequestered,” Ghost answered.

“They cut off contact with everyone but the Papal Advisory Council a half hour ago,” Amaranth added.

That gave Gregory pause, but only for a moment. “All right, so that means they’re about to decide on a new Red Pope and will probably name him in a few days. We already know who’s calling the shots with the ships in space above us: the Black Pope. Soon, we’ll have a face to attach to the man who will be giving the marching orders to the people picking off our people one by one on the ground. So?”

“Gregory, they will be naming the new Red Pope tomorrow, and I already have reliable intelligence on whom they will be announcing,” Ghost said.

Something in Ghost’s tone took him aback, and he noticed for the first time that a faint sheen of impending tears were glistening in his wife’s eyes. Amaranth was holding her emotions in check as usual, but her armor was cracking a bit, and the implications of that frightened the Peteris.

“The new Red Pope will be Gavin xec-Academie,” she said softly, sharp notes of pain edging her quiet words. “Our son, Greg. Our son.”

(This completed Chapter 9. To read the next installment, which begins Chapter 10, click here.)


Apropos of Nothing

You know, considering all the crappy video game-to-movie adaptations (there have been a couple worth watching, but not many) that have come along in the past decade or more, and the upcoming movies based on boardgames (Monopoly and Battleship among them), this little parody tickled me right up and down my funny bone. And normally, only Mrs. Blue is allowed to do that.


Getting His Peace of the Pie

There are two things I want to say right off the bat about President Barack Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize.


And: Why?

I’m confused.

It’s not that I don’t think Obama deserves scads of recognition for his intelligence, his Zen-like calm in the face of the madness around him, his lovely family, breaking the color barrier in the presidency, coming up from humble roots to achieve great success, and so much more.

The man’s done a lot in a relatively short time, and I have great respect for him and I want him to succeed.

But a Nobel Peace Prize?

I think the Nobel folks stretched it a bit to say that he has ushered in a new atmosphere conducive to peace. I mean, he’s less than a year into his term, we’re about to up the number of troops in Afghanistan, and there are people right here in the United States who aren’t afraid to make it known in public demonstrations that they want him dead.


Of all the things with which to honor our president, to give him the Nobel Peace Prize right now seems ludicrous.

For one thing, it feels like the time that Al Pacino got the Oscar for “Scent of  Woman,” in which he chewed up scenery like a puppy with a new slipper. It was some of his weakest work, and yet he got one of those nice Academy Award statuettes because had always lost out on his many great roles in past Oscar ceremonies. Except with the Nobel Peace Prize, I feel like it’s the world giving the United States an award for finally electing a black man. Almost like they said to themselves, “Gee, we’ve been awfully hard on the United States for a long time, but they have done some good things…very good things…among the bad, and they did an outstanding job in World War II, so let’s give them some recognition by giving their besieged president the peace prize.”

For another thing, did the Nobel Prize people even think about what this means for Obama? Sure, they’ve ensured that he’ll make even more money now on his post-presidential lecture circuit. But now, with a Nobel Peace Prize, he has to deliver some peace, damn it…serious peace…or he will be dragged over the coals by people in this country. Now he has to live up the award he’s been given. The man has enough on his plate trying to right our economy and get something resembling healthcare reform without having a peace prize standard of achievement hanging over his head as well.

I like Obama a lot. I want him to succeed.

I don’t like that he got a Nobel Peace Prize.

I’m still scratching my head.

And groaning.


Worldwide Pants by Miz Pink

Or maybe Dave Letterman should change the name of his production company to Worldwide Dropped Pants? So, David had him some workplace nookie and there are some folks out there calling for CBS to fire him. Calling him a creep. Talking him to task for being unfaithful.

Now, I don’t know how seriously he and the (now) missus were dating at the time but he didn’t have a ring on his finger so I’m not sure how much that counts as “cheating” especially by hollywood/TV standards.

I kinda think we have enough going on in the world that we could see less Dave in the news and on talk shows rants and more Afghanistan and U.S. economy and such. I mean really if we’re gonna spend time lambasting or leering at a TV guy’s life isn’t Glenn Beck a lot more in need of some peeping?

It’s not like Dave called a mostly black women’s basketball team a bunch of nappy headed ‘ho’s or something. He hasn’t been intimately involved in tanking our economy…or inciting the masses to violence against the current adminstration…or drugging and raping underaged girls.

No Dave got some sex and some stupid producer was idiot enough to try to blackmail him over it. And we get another pumped up ceeleb story to distract us from looming 10% unemployment rates, skyrocketing deficits, declining value of the dollar, more of a military mess in the Middle East…

The only pants I care about with David Letterman are his production company Worldwide Pants, and wondering when it will put out another show I enjoyed as much as Everybody Loves Raymond. I’d rather have something like that to distract me from the end of the world as we know it (when I WANT to be distracted) rather than the news folks taking away from what little time they bother anymore telling me stuff I really need to know.

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