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I’ll have more installments of the novel coming up soon. May write them short to keep a flow going, so that maybe the rule will be only one or two scenes per installment, instead of three or four like I’ve been shooting for a lot of times.

Also have some announcements of a few additions/changes around here to make in the coming days. Nothing drastic; more of an addition to the mix.

Now, with that out of the way, do I have anything to say today? Yeah. I do, and it’s about how the behavior and attitudes of churches (both in their leadership and within their congregations) is so often used these days to decry how broken Christianity is. How messed up it is. How it must not be true, because if it were, then why is there so much hypocrisy? Why don’t people all agree? Why have things strayed so far from the kind of stuff that Jesus focused on (lifting up the poor, healing people, helping people, teaching people and exposing hypocrites)?

I would ask: Why reject Christianity and say it’s bogus, simply because the institutions have messed things up in many cases?

I mean, did Jesus say, “Set up institutions with lots of rules and make people go through hoops?”


In fact, the early apostolic church leaders didn’t do that either. Yes, they had to talk about rules and doctrine, and they had to stamp out heresy that went counter to Jesus’ gospel, but they weren’t trying to make some rigid institution. The early church was small groups, meeting and praying and talking. When there were problems and divisions, people came together and sometimes called in church leaders to sort things out.

The epistles weren’t meant in most cases to set down ironclad rules but to keep things from breaking down into petty divisions and squabbling and incorrect (or even blasephemous) teachings.

Where we got rigidity, and lots of bureaucracy, and tons of rules and levels of access to the sources of knowledge was largely when Christianity turned into Rome’s state religion. When an emperor turned it from Christians churches forming a body of Christ, into A CHURCH, of which each person was going to be a cog. It went from something organic to being a machine.

And machines are known for being soulless.

If people spent more time meditating on the gospels and on Jesus’ words, and seeing how they tie into the Old Testament and how they simplify and elevate those “old time” laws and rules into something more precious and God-connecting, we’d be better off. Instead, we have many church leaders who want to make, spout and enforce rules, and many churchgoers who are all too happy to just nod and say, “OK.”

Jesus railed about following the letter of the law instead of the spirit of it. And yet we go and bind outselves right up in it again. And bind ourselves tighter and tighter. The epistles have a lot to offer in terms of guidance and clarification, but it is to Jesus whom we should look first, as Christians.

Christianity is alive and well, in those who will study the Word and try to be open to the Holy spirit. Among those who simply want to lead or to be led, there is a sickness, but that is a sickness of people, NOT of the gospel of Christ.


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