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(Snack) Chip On My Shoulder

So, I’m in kind of an uninspired period right now. No spiritual topics are really eating at me right now. My novel will continue again soon but I need another day or two on that to sort out what needs to happen next. I haven’t been able to coax the Hummus Idol out of the transdimensional chasm he’s hidden himself in to keep from posting. Miz Pink is off trying to have Jon Stewart’s baby (while still nursing one).

So, I’ve kind of decided that I’m in an “anything goes” mode right now. Just whatever the hell comes to mind, and however long or short it needs to be, even if it’s just a Twitter-sized kind of post.

And right now, I’m just feeling irritated about Cheetos.

Yeah, the orange cheesy snack food.

Today, I noticed in the store bags of BBQ Cheddar Cheetos.

Look, I’m a snack food fan. I love new flavors of chips and such. Exotic ones, even. But certain things do not seem, to me, to go together.

BBQ flavor in a Cheetos bag is one of them. Also, pizza or buffalo wing flavors in Doritos. And I remember some test mystery flavor Doritos had recently that clearly was intended to be a Big Mac flavor or something like it. For pity’s sake, they’re tortilla chips. At least pretend to be following some kind of latino food theme when you pick the flavors.

While I love creativity, there is limited room on the shelves. If you want to clog them up, at least bring back the damn Cajun Spice Ruffles that I’ve been missing for 15 years or more since they were discontinued.

(And no, I don’t have the slightest idea who the woman in the photo is, nor where the photo came from originally. But it does make the mind reel, doesn’t it?)


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