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Fate and the Deacon’s Blog

Or, perhaps more accurately, what is the fate (or future, or destiny, or whatever) of this blog?

I’m not sure, but I’m struggling over it.

I don’t want to end it, but I wonder if what I’m writing has any significant meaning for anyone, or any purpose anymore.

Mind you, I’m not saying this blog was a waste of my time for the past…hold on, I have to go to my home page to check this…


Almost two years now I’ve been doing this.

OK, so the past two years weren’t a waste. I talked about a lot of spiritual issues I thought were important. I addressed some more carnal matters that religious folk hardly ever want to talk about like adults (instead waggling their fingers and saying “don’t!” for no logical or discernible reason) I’ve talked about current events and politics. I’ve snarked on various issues. I’ve shared poetry I wrote years ago and started writing a novel right here on these virtual pages.

But has the blog run its course?

Some blogs do.

I don’t feel as much push to write stuff frequently here. That’s partly because I’m not sure what to say anymore. I feel like I added so many things to the mix that I’m not sure if this blog is a useless hodgepodge or an entertaining and sometimes enlightening place.

I just don’t know.

So, I prevail upon you readers who come here regularly to let me know. Comment. Tell me whether you’d miss this blog. Tell me what you think should change, if anything. Let me know if I’ve gone astray.

But please comment if you come here regularly. I’ll be leaving this post up for the next week, give or take, without any other posts to distract from it.

This isn’t about stroking my ego, because I hardly have one. And frankly, I get plenty of ego stroking at the other blog for my fiction-writing skills (even the non-erotic stuff). This isn’t about making me feel good but about speaking your honest feelings about this blog, me and the future of this endeavor. There are blogs out there I would miss if they went away. But I don’t know if any (or many) of you would miss mine. If you consider it an essential destination in your daily or weekly blog visits.

Please tell me. Please don’t hold back. And please don’t be shy about telling me anything you think is wrong, as well as what you think is right.

I only want to continue working on this blog if it serves a purpose. If it doesn’t anymore, then I need to stop.

But only y’all can tell me if that’s the case, and the more of you who chime in, the more confident I will be, in whatever choice I make.


Squandering the Presidency

While I might not be quite as hard on Barack Obama as this writer was, I substantially agree (sad to say.)

Click here to see what I’m talking about: “How to Squander the Presidency in One Year”

Even sadder to say, my biggest quibble with the article is that the writer compares Obama to Conan O’Brien.

Conan, for his part, didn’t ruin anything, and is entitled to at least a year, and perhaps several. As Jay Leno was allowed several years to find his range and pull in the big numbers. TV and the presidency aren’t the same. O’Brien was a victim of executive impatience and market whims. Obama is, however, shaping up to be a huge failure (aside from breaking the color barrier in the Oval Office) if he doesn’t do something. The presidency is a place for boldness and conviction. Not patience and waffling. Four years go by real fast.

Obama. Do something. Something very right. Something very, very soon.


Where’s the Novel?

So, a few of you might be asking (or maybe not): Where the hell are the installments of my novel these days?

Aside from work, I have been busy with my more erotic fiction, and even some non-erotic stuff that I’m writing as part of my other alter-ego. Frankly, I seem to have quite a few fans, and I have to admit, I’m motivated to play to the audience that I am most heavily entertaining. 😉

But I do want this novel to move forward. On the other hand, I also realize it’s been a long time since the last installment, and things have been sporadic lately.

What I think I would like to do is package the existing installments into individual files by chapter, and let you download those to catch up and reacquaint yourselves with the plot and characters as I begin work again.

In fact, I will probably make available my “second-draft” versions of these chapters (since I have gone back and done some changes and updates, both personally motivated and based on comments from whatever few faithful readers I have.) That means that while some of what you read will be “old news” there will be new surprises as well.

I’m not sure if there is any mechanism through the blog to allow you to download Word and/or PDF files. Barring that, does anyone have suggestions about good, reliable, free places that one can do that?


Coming Together

Just a quick hit tonight…something I should probably do more of to keep things lively around here.

Christian churches should take a cue from Jesus’ example and stop whining about who comes into the church, unless said person is armed or strapped with explosives. We should be welcoming people whether they come in shirts and ties or shorts and flip-flops. Whether they are straight as arrows or gay as the day is long. Regardless of their color. No matter what their politics. Despite the fact that they may have philosophies that run counter to a given church’s preference.

Too often, churches are places where the people who are in charge, and who attend regularly, want to keep a status quo, and make a special club that excludes people who make them feel uncomfortable.

This isn’t about comfort. This is about our souls and our connection to the divine. This is about edification and salvation. It’s not about special rules and exclusionary behaviors. Frankly, I’d like to see more churches in which there was disagreement and discussion, rather than a bland acceptance of some party line.

Jesus didn’t just call on one kind of person to follow him. He didn’t preach to just one kind of group. He ate with anyone who invited him, even if they disagreed with him.

To steal a line from this past Sunday’s sermon at my church…we are supposed to be about unity, not uniformity.


Hatin’ On Haiti

So Mrs. Blue and I go to a diner for breakfast this morning. An old boxcar diner, where there isn’t much distance between you and the other folks, and you get quite the cross-section of humanity dispersed among 10 or so rotating stools.

At the end of the boxcar, Man A says, “So, how much are we sending to Haiti now to help them?”

Man B: “Hundred million, I guess.”

Man A: “One hundred million dollars to help Haiti? Great. Like they were there for us helping after 9/11.”

This logic just floored me, on several levels.

First off, what aid was Haiti, one of the poorest nations on Earth, going to give us after terrrorists took down the World Trade Center twin towers? They don’t have money. Oh, maybe they could send in their vast numbers of med-evac helicopters and transport injured New Yorkers to their top-notch Haitian medical facilities?

Second, how exactly can we scoff at their current tragedy and try to even compare it to 9/11? Less than 5,000 people, if I recall, died in that terrorist attack. This earthquake took out more than ten times that number of people in Haiti. The 9/11 attack happened in a nation with great emergency response, and while there was dust and other ill effects for months thereafter, at least we didn’t have to worry about dead bodies rotting in the streets all across the city because there were not enough people or infrastructure to cart them away.

Haitians, already forced to live in poverty thanks to how we and other nations have butt-fucked them for years, including we here in the U.S. propping up corrupt regimes there, now have the threat of disease on top of everything else, and the stench of death literally hanging in the air.

I’m not saying that we can help the entire world, but it seems like we have all sorts of willingness to, say, help out nice looking Asiatic folks when a typhoon or tsunami strikes, because we might vacation there one day. But no one vacations in Haiti.

And we throw open the doors for white or very pale tanned Cubans when they make it to our shores, but we turn the Haitians away and make them row back sometimes in their own rickety boats.

Yeah, sweet.

Let’s let 50,000 dead go untended, and leave the multitude of others, injured or perhaps close to death themselves, just be damned because they aren’t pretty enough for us. Because they’re too poor to be bothered with.

Or maybe because you’re stupid enough to believe Pat Robertson when he tells you their suffering is because of  pact with the devil made centuries ago to free themselves from the French. No matter that Pat totally got his history wrong and didn’t even know who was controlling them. No matter that it essentially suggests that one of the most successful slave revolts in history couldn’t possibly have succeeded with the help of Satan because they’re just a bunch of stupid Negros and always have been.

Yeah, let’s dehumanize them some more.

Not only are they trash, but they’re also just this side of being demons, right?

If that’s what you believe, and if you can turn a blind eye to suffering so close to our own borders, in a nation we messed up (and in very recent history, I might add), then shame on you. Because you don’t have the love of anyone in your heart, then, certainly not the light of Jesus.


Headin’ Back

I had gotten so accustomed to the altered header image over the past two weeks that I almost forgot to change it back.


Now things feel right again.

Time to get back to not posting for days on end.


In all seriousness, I hope to be a bit more regular about posting now that I’ve had some time off. Hopefully in the vicinity of three or four times a week at least.

And also, thanks to Miz Pink for holding down the fort in my absence, and I do hope you won’t be a stranger my friend. Keep the posts coming, as often as you like, to keep some variety around here.


Au Revoir by Miz Pink

nah….I’m not a’gonna go away forever but it’s back to second fiddle around here soon. Deke’s banner will go back to “normal” and he’ll (probably) start posing again regularly and I’ll just pop in as I feel the urge.

Been nice to be in charge and control for a while. Keep it pink, dudes and dudettes (whatever that means anyway…heck I don’t even know…)


One Person’s Terror… by Miz Pink

I don’t have lust in my heart for Bob Cesca like I do for Jon Stewart but he still can make me a little weak in the knees.

This latest gem is perfect for showing what our real terrorism threat is in the U.S. of A. and it doesn’t seem to be Muslims:

But those on the crazy end of conservatism and religionism will simply say those anti-abortion folks aren’t terrorists but are doing God’s will. Which just goes to show how its all in the perspective and if we don’t understand who the whackos are in our own religions we are never gonna clue in on why whackos in other religions do what they do and feel completely justified.

And how everyone else in that religion cringes as a result and waits for the nasty backlash.

It’s all terrorism folks and we all need to get over such nonsense and stop suger coating it with religion.


People Treated Badly by Miz Pink

I forget how hard it is to be Christian because it’s so easy to be Muslim

– Aasif Mandvi, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

I’m a little behind in my viewing of Jonny Stewart (and my other honey-bunn…Stevie Colbert) but when I saw the segment in which the quote above took place, it made me laugh. It was in response to Brit Hume complaining about how Christians get crap the minute they spout their view (after he basically siad on air that Tiger Woods should find Jesus and repent and oh by the way Buddhism is a substandard faith.).

Now, I agree with Aasif and Jon at the juxtaposition of Christianity and Muslim faith here but I also disagree.

Ya see, it is true that is ain’t easy being Muslim these days especiallly here in the old U.S. of A. You get profiled and passengers look at you funny if you LOOK Muslim…even if yer just a secular Arab or an African or what have ya. Muslims as a whole get blamed for the evils of a select group and their religion is painted by many conservative frothy mouth types as being inherently violent. So yeah it ain’t easy being muslim.

On the other hand there is some truth to Brit Hume’s complain too. No Chrisitians don’t get persecuted and profiled but people do make big judgements if you ID yourself as Chrisitian or God forbid mention Jesus as anythin but just a cool guy with neato philosophies. If he’s your savior then you must be a kook. I have had peopel entirely revise their opinions of me at work after months upon months of knowing me and shun me because I mentioned in passing that I follow Jesus as my savior. They act like they know my whole personality and motives and secret plans (apparently to convert them) in ways they never to do to someone who IDs as a Jew or a Witch or a Hindi.

No its true that no one is going to strip search me for being Chrisitian in this country but it isn’t as easy being a Christian as a lot of non Christian types would like to believe.


Goodness Me…

Sorry. I’m supposed to have been posting regularly but I got so caught up in discussions with T4T in that last post that I forgot about writing new stuff. I’ll try to be better, particularly since Deke tells me he wouldn’t mind staying off-duty until the middle of the week anyway.

You’re all mine a bit longer, me hardies…I’ll try to be better about doling out some blogging booty

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