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Coming Together

Just a quick hit tonight…something I should probably do more of to keep things lively around here.

Christian churches should take a cue from Jesus’ example and stop whining about who comes into the church, unless said person is armed or strapped with explosives. We should be welcoming people whether they come in shirts and ties or shorts and flip-flops. Whether they are straight as arrows or gay as the day is long. Regardless of their color. No matter what their politics. Despite the fact that they may have philosophies that run counter to a given church’s preference.

Too often, churches are places where the people who are in charge, and who attend regularly, want to keep a status quo, and make a special club that excludes people who make them feel uncomfortable.

This isn’t about comfort. This is about our souls and our connection to the divine. This is about edification and salvation. It’s not about special rules and exclusionary behaviors. Frankly, I’d like to see more churches in which there was disagreement and discussion, rather than a bland acceptance of some party line.

Jesus didn’t just call on one kind of person to follow him. He didn’t preach to just one kind of group. He ate with anyone who invited him, even if they disagreed with him.

To steal a line from this past Sunday’s sermon at my church…we are supposed to be about unity, not uniformity.


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