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Another Snoozefest by Miz Pink

Okaaaaay I got suckered into watching the Academy Awards all night long again. Don’t know why. I didn’t actually pay attention to all of it but I stayed up for all of it and have the baggy eyes to prove it.

Big bore overall.

Didn’t think Sandra Bollock should have been there in the running at all and REALLY don’t think she shoulda won.

Haven’t seen Avatar and don’t intend to no matter how many people tell me how amazing it is because I don’t like science fiction in the first place much and don’t need it rehashed with a Dances With Wolves storyline underneath it. And I don’t look good in big 3D glasses anyway. So I’m glad that Hurt Locker won so big because James Cameron seems like a dick anyway and having him get his billion-dollar-movie ass handed to him artistically by his ex wife is just spiffy with me.

The dude who won for screenplay adaptation of the book Push which was the movie Precious gets bonus award for most earnest and sincere acceptance speech though honestly I wasn’t sure whether to shed a tear at his demeanor or chuckle at it.

That is all…


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