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Bought and Paid For Every One by Miz Pink

You know someone told me something about maybe President Obama not being as hardcore with BP over this oil spill as he could be because apparently oil companies (and BP in particular) have generated heavily in his past campaigns.

Know what?

I don’t care.

I mean I care about the oil spill and I want some action on that.

But whether or not our prez has some kind of connection to oil I don’t care about.

Oh I’m sure some GOP person will want to latch onto it and use it for some threatened impeachment hearing or something. After all, lots of them already seem to think that our current president using the same legislative tactics as their boy did for 8 years is somehow an impeachable offense. Oh and our current president has to make some magic special birth certificate that doesn’t exist in the real world because the one he has from Hawaii apparentnly ain’t good enough.

You see…I don’t care if President Obama has connections to big oil because every president has owed something to multiple businesses or industries. It’s the horrible thing about our system really and it fails to move me to ire about the individual presidents.

Is this some kind of blindness b/c I like Barack? yeah and no. Thing is I hated that Bush and Cheney started a way in Iraq in part to line the pockets of Halliburton which Cheney was a deep part of in terms of business connections. We didn’t impeach either of them. In fact most people didn’t even spend much time worrying about it.

Oh I’m sure plenty of folks will worry about this even though this time it was an accident instead of a an unnecessary act of war for preening and profit.

Now if President Obama lets BP off the hook and says “You don’t have to fix any of this mess” or “We’ll waive your financial responsibilities” or something like that, then we’re talking something for outrage.

But saying he’s too soft on BP right now? At least he’s riding them. I don’t recall Bush & Cheney riding Halliburton to do some work for free or something in the war that helped sink our economy.


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