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No deep thoughts that I’m ready to go into with any thoroughness, so instead here’s a small collection of what passes for wit on my Twitter posts, since I’ve started tweeting pretty heavily as of several days ago.

Tweets…hopefully not from a twit. 😉

(For those of you who already follow me on Twitter, my apologies)

The wise people counsel their friends and family, unseen by most. The loudmouth fools are generally the people who get talk shows, though.

Nothing beats a strong and well-spoken argument…but sometimes a beating will do in the interim.

Sequel to “The Men Who Stare at Goats” will be titled “The Men Who Glare at Stoats”

I see my reputation has preceded me. I trust it also has prepared a table for me and placed an order for my meal with you?

Why is my 5 year old always trying to punk me? Sneaking up on me, trying to trick me…it’s like raising Ashton Kucher in lil girl drag

I checked “G.I. Joe” movie out from library. Pretty sure that the villainess in skintight leather on the cover was main reason.

Incense is now the main air freshener in house. Soon I’ll have to start smoking pot so that visitors’ subconscious assumptions will be valid

Entertainment always trumps social justice in the media. Pretty much always has, pretty much always will.

I won’t cast the 1st stone. But I reserve the right to toss a rock at the head of the 1st hypocrite who thinks he’s sinless enough to do so.


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