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Long Comes Up Short

I have no opinion or commentary about Pastor…oh, sorry…Bishop Eddie Long and the allegations he coerced young males in his mega-church to engage in sex with him, while also openly opposing gay marriage and decrying homosexuality as a sin.

However, I have a lot of opinions about his adherence to biblical principles, most especially Jesus’, as he rolls around in fancy clothes and cars and rakes in big bucks, advocating that Jesus was wealthy and wants all of his followers to be wealthy, too.

But why share all of those opinions when I can keep it simple and just say that Eddie Long needs to re-read the New Testament.

Because in my opinion, Bishop Long is going to have, as Jesus noted, nearly as hard a time getting into Heaven as a camel has of getting through the eye of a needle.


Takes One to Know One?

So, on the way back home with Little Girl Blue today, after a morning of doctor’s office visiting and donut gathering, I see a bumper sticker on a car in front of me that reads as follows:

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Now, I can pretty much assume that the driver was a conservative, and not simply a moderate, based on two pieces of evidence:

First, there is no “Conservatism is a mental disorder” sticker to balance it.

Second, there was a National Rifle Association bumper sticker on the car, too.

From this, I can also infer something else.

The driver lacks critical thinking skills. Which is why the Tea Party is so successfully pulling the Republican Party to the extreme right and dangerous ideological territory, because the Tea Party seems to have the most motivated and energetic extremists in the United States right now.

So, why am I slamming the person’s critical thinking skills based on the bumper sticker? Why am I assuming the person isn’t a moderate or close to moderate?


Most things are on a spectrum. Liberal is one end; conservative is the other.

Just like obsessive hoarding and filthiness is on one end and excessive cleanliness and germ phobias is on the other. Both are mental illnesses. It’s the people in the middle who are more balanced and less troubled and able to function in the real world effectively.

So, by the same token, if liberalism is a mental illness, its counterpart on the other end is also a form of mental illness.

But why use one’s brain or look at the world in a balanced way when it feels so much better to be an extremist?



While I have enjoyed some increased momentum in my blogging here, with more regular posts again, I must inform y’all that a bug has cramped by style and is draining my energy, so I may be gone for a couple more days or so.

Oh, and TWOM, sorry to have left you hanging in that earlier discussion. I will try to return to it before it becomes a completely “cold case” in the Deacon Blue Files. 😉


Tea Party = Tiny Brains?

So, I’m really hoping that Christine O’Donnell’s nomination to be the Republican candidate in Delaware really does mean a win for the Democrats, because she’s starting to make Sarah Palin look like a member of Mensa.

The Tea Party movement has been generating some of the most intellectually ill-informed and ideologically fired-up people I’ve seen in a long time, and that’s a scary combo. I don’t want people in political power who say things like this:

“American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.”

Yes, O’Donnell said that.

The thing is, in scientific research, animal cells are sometimes fiddled with to make things more human-like so that drugs and such can be tested on them and we can have a reasonable chance to feel like when human testing time rolls around (a.k.a. clinical trials) that the drug will work properly in humans.

To show just how far off O’Donnell was though, click here to read a story about the real situation and how badly O’Donnell mangled the truth of it.

So, 1% of the mouse’s brain being a “human brain” is pretty far off, even for the average uninformed Tea Party candidate (hey, show me a well-informed, well-educated Tea Party candidate and maybe I’ll stop ragging on them, but I haven’t seen one yet). But let’s assume for a moment that a scientist really did get clearance to do 100% human brain cells in a mouse.

What does O’Donnell think is going to happen?

That the little tiny mouse skull with a tiny collection of human brain cells is going to develop human-level thinking? Does she think we’re going to end up with a scenario like “Pinky and the Brain” with a super-genius mouse trying to take over the world?

I’m just shaking my head, and preparing for the end of the world, or the rise of Fourth Reich fascist state, or whatever is in the works if the Tea Party keeps gaining momentum in the United States and we really do put people this dangerously uninformed and activist into power.


Slow Going

Been trying to be good about posting with decent regularity again, but things might slow down again for a few days, as I just launched a blog related to my job (the one that pays most of my bills) and I’m understandably fixated on making sure it’s well set-up, has regular content and is getting promoted adequately. I’ll be back in full form (I hope) here later in the week.


A Not-Safe-For-Work Reflection on Religion

Saw this on another blog today. I slightly modified the last item on the list to be a bit more accurate and all-inclusive to the overall goal.

A tiny bit foul-minded? Sure. A lot accurate? Yes.

How Religion is Like a Penis

  • It’s OK to have one
  • It’s OK to be proud of it
  • But please don’t pull it out in public and start whipping it around
  • And PLEASE don’t shove it down anyone’s throats

In case you’re wondering, the original fourth point was “PLEASE don’t shove it down down my children’s throats” but aside from the icky factor that induced in my head, I also thought that most people of adult age also don’t want it shoved down their throats.

I think this little bit of semi-raunchy humor encapsulates my feelings on religion. If both sides would follow these rules and respect the practice and possession of a religion while also not foisting it on anyone else without some kind of implied consent, we’d all be better off.

And the thing is, there are times in life when we might talk about our penises with people other than our lovers or spouses…or urologists. Just as we might talk religion. As long as it’s not used as a form of religious assault, can we just agree to get along and stop all the name-calling on both sides?

If not, you may force me to whip something out that you don’t want to see. 😉



I’m not one for marking annual occasions much on this blog whether good, bad or otherwise. Or tragic. But I will today.

The terrorists actions on Sept. 11 in the United States were awful.

We should take time to remember all the victims, direct and indirect.

But for me, the real tragedy is how the event has been misused, in ways that do not honor the dead, the hurt, and their families.

The real tragedy is how the event has done far more to mire this country in debt and blood, and to further polarize an already polarized nation.

It should have brought us together, and the real tragedy is that it continues to be used to divide. To divide who is truly patriotic from who is presumably not. To divide the suspicious types from the trustworthy ones. And so little of that with any basis in reality.

We should remember. We should remember those who suffered directly, who truly bear the scars, and we should remember how much time, money and goodwill we’ve squandered over petty shit when we should have been rebuilding not just broken buildings but broken relationships.

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