Down the hole with you

As we celebrate that the Chilean miners are finally being hoisted out from being thousands of feet underground for weeks, I would like to suggest that with that space having been organized so nicely and made relatively comfy (for a mine)…how about we put a few people down there in their place?

I nominate:

  • Glenn Beck
  • Ann Coulter
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Ingrid Newkirk

…just for starters. Any other nominations?


13 Responses to “Down the hole with you”

  1. 1 David
    October 13, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Barrack Obama
    Nancy Pelosi
    Harry Reid
    Joe Biden
    Barney Frank

    for starters…

  2. October 13, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Well, not much doubt about your political leanings, Dave, though I suspect you think those are all liberal whackjobs (when in fact some of them are pretty centrist…and several of them actually level-headed most days).

    My list singled out verifiably crazy people who don’t even pretend to acknolwedge reality, who promote rather ourtrageous fringe ideological behaviors and…well…I at least included one left-leaning person (Newkirk) along with three conservatives.

    Try for a little illusion of balance, man…LOL

  3. 3 David
    October 13, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Name is David, please. I don’t think any such thing, though I do think that if you consider yourself “middle of the road” you should prepare to be run over. I don’t know the last person on your list, but I ‘suspect’ that you think they’re all conservative whackjobs. You have no certification of their mental state, and you are just opposed to their ideas. It’s really, really off the wall that someone who earns money wants to keep more of it, to give charity as his personal decision rather than that of the government, that government should be small and limited.
    All those I mentioned would like to increase taxes for the purpose of redistributing the wealth, to grow government so that all of them can retire fat and happy. And no, I’m not a conservative ideologue. Like Glenn Beck, I also am pretty p.o.’d at the previous presidential administration, which did little other than pull us together after 9/11, and sign off on Congress’s boondoggles..

  4. October 13, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    OK, David. Apologies for shortening your name.

    As for Newkirk before you make assumptions and admit you don’t know who the person is, try a little Wikipedia. A few seconds, and you make yourself look a bit more informed. She ain’t conservative, unless you think PETA is a conservative organization.

    Glenn Beck rants and holds to inane conspiracy theories and works people up into a lather about issues that don’t really exist…at least not at the level he claims. If he isn’t unbalanced, then he’s doing performance art.

    Rush and Ann are both pretty much into making harmless things and people with valid opinions into crises and pariahs. So if they aren’t crazy, they’re at least bullies with pulpits. And I don’t like liberals on bully pulpits either, hence Ingrid Newkirk on my list.

  5. 5 David
    October 13, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    I wasn’t getting testy about my name, just a gentle correction. I should have said ‘please’.

    Regarding Beck (who I seldom watch because I work for a living and he’s on early here), what I’ve heard him say, over and over, is ‘don’t believe me, check it out for yourself’, and he gives references. That’s not ‘certified whackjob’. If he said ‘I’m right, everyone else is wrong’, then I’d be wondering, possibly ignoring him.
    While I usually don’t like Ann Coulter’s delivery, or her viciousness at times, her message is pretty straight forward, and lines up with a smaller government platform. Haven’t listened to Rush in years. One thing I find is that, if you spend your time listening to Rush, Glenn, Laura, and so on, you end up getting nothing done. All political talk is just that-all talk, no action. By the way, there’s nobody in talk radio from the left that has what you would consider a bully pulpit…I’m just sayin…Air America? Flew away…Juan Williams? NPR (No People Required). Lots of them on TV, but they don’t usually get three hours…
    If you’re interested in how I vote, I pick the candidate who comes closest to my moral ideals, because that sometimes means that that candidate will stick to his guns, unlike most libs and conservatives. In order, my vote is based on the candidate’s position on abortion, euthanasia, so-called gay marriage, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell research. Seldom does any one candidate think my way on every one of these, but that’s what I look at. First of all, someone who believes that every human life is important.
    By the way, every Wikipedia article has the author’s bias to it, so often, if I have to look someone up and figure out who they are, I’d start there, but I wouldn’t bet my life on what Wiki says about that person.

  6. 6 David
    October 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Oh, I did say please! 🙂

  7. October 13, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    I wasn’t being testy about calling you by your full name BTW.

    As for Glenn Beck, you must be catching him on his good days when you hear him. He tends toward a lot of hysterical hyperbole, working people up and making like the United States is about to become some simulacrum of the Soviet Union. Also, he’s admitted to the fact that he doesn’t check his facts, which means that often, he’s going off on things making assumptions and making stuff up. He speaks with an air of authority, and he knows full well that a huge chunk (probably a majority) of his listeners won’t check anything out but rather take his word for it.

    I wasn’t recommending Wikipedia as a source of all accurate knowledge, BTW…simply that you can find out WHO a person is and basics about their lives very quickly

  8. 8 David
    October 13, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    I didn’t think you were, just wanted to make sure I was minding my manners…What I’ve seen of Glenn Beck, (and BTW I think he’s way wrong in his religious choices) he knows he’s a man, he knows he’s fallible, he knows he’s fallen, and more than anything he says “This is what I’ve read, and this is how I interpret it. Read this book and see if I’m making any sense.” And by the way, he’s more sensical than Oprah…but that’s another story. Any talk show host knows that 95% of his audience is lazy, but they also know that anything they say wrong will be found out by someone in a few minutes. Just like 95% of Catholics don’t really know their faith and are too lazy to find out…
    OK, point taken. FWIW, I kinda like this blog, and will probably be back. At the very least, you’re civil…:)

  9. October 13, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Well, I will agree with you that Oprah is kind of a blight and has been for a while. I suppose if I can figure out how to cram Rush in that tube, we can add Oprah to the next ride down the mine shaft for exile. So, I’ll grant you at least that one.

    And, in general, while I suspect you and I disagree on many points, I certainly welcome divergent views. And I often find that I don’t disagree as much with some people as I might assume (and vice-versa)

    (However, where the hell are some of my regular readers to nominate people I want in the hole? ;-))

  10. 10 David
    October 13, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    We probably agree on what to do, just not how to do it. And that’s mostly what D’s and R’s fight about…Hey, if we can agree about Nancy Pelosi, we might not be as far off as you think.

  11. 11 Loretta
    October 13, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    Okay, I have read, with great delight by the way, the exchange between you 2 gentlemen. I agree with DeaconBlue about who should take the ride to the mine & I would add Sarah Palin. I don’t think I need to explain why but I will anyway. She scares me – no she scares the shit out of me. The woman, along w/ Beck could have their own cult going. There are MANY people full of themselves but to actually revel in it is just plain narcissistic.

    I do approve of David’s choice of Nancy Pelosi simply because the woman is a power hungry bitch. Most politicians have agendas -no, all politicians have agendas- but her agenda is simply power. Example: She didn’t like that the Speaker’s assigned plane had to stop for refueling when carting her ass back & forth to CA each w/e. So she ordered up a 200-seat jet that goes coast to coast w/o refueling. This costs the taxpayers much more each year, but it doesn’t matter to her because, after all, she’s worth it (insert sarcastic tone). It just burns my ass that she thinks she’s THAT special.

    Now, back to Beck. People look at him & say “well he says don’t take my word for it” and “I’m not perfect”. He sucks good people in with his self-effacing manner – especially when he cries. I know this to be true because it worked on me – ONCE. Early on, he talked about his mothers death by suicide & how he considered killing himself. I was at a low point in my life & this touched me. But as I continued to watch him, I kept my wits about me & saw through his ruse.

    Beck knows that if he makes himself ‘fallible’ people will think they can trust him because, well, gee, he wouldn’t lie – why would he need to? If he admits that he’s fallible, lying isn’t necessary. And that’s just ONE tactic to suck people in. He has that “aww shucks” thing going on. People will overlook any ‘issues’ that DO arise because “aww shucks” he apologized, or he cried, or he found a way to attribute it to some belief he has. He is DANGEROUS. Does the name Jim Jones ring a bell with you guys? Beck is this generations’ Jim Jones.

    Well, the 32nd miner is on his way up so that mine will soon be empty. We can only ‘wish’ whoever down there & our ideologies set the tone for our choices. We will not agree on our choices, but we do agree that we shouldn’t waste good space. Maybe FOX News could go too so they can report, fair & balanced of course, on the lives that our ‘choices’ are living 1/2 mile below the surface of the earth. Send Walt Blitzer from CNN too just so we can say we’re ‘fair & balanced’ in how we want the news reported.

    I’ll shut up now. I hope you 2 have a nice evening… Here comes #32… Yea!!

  12. October 13, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Thanks for swinging by, Loretta…if you are who I think you are, my Twitter appeal worked a little at least. 🙂

    Yeah, I was on the fence with Pelosi most of tonight, but the more I thought about it, even before your comment, I just realize that she’s been a piss-poor leader in Congress, for her party or the country in general, and it sucks. Few enough women that high up, and she’s got to go on a Napoleon kick.

    As for Beck, as I recall he got caught using some trick to make himself cry on air…onions or something…very “Broadcast News”-like (William Hurt’s character, that is, though at least his character could manufacture tears without an onion).

    So, we have all three of us in agreement on Pelosi.

    I’ll give David Oprah as well.

    We’ll throw in Palin (I had thought about nominating her and Christine O’Donnell and a few other Tea Party folks, but I worried that such a concentration of Tea Party gas all together in such a small space in a mine might pose a danger to surrounding communities or the environment).

    It’s my blog, so I demand all four of my nominees go down the well. That’s makes 7 total. We know that at least 33 people can fit down there and survive, so that still leaves 26. Hmmmm.

  13. 13 blackgirlinmaine
    October 14, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    I agree with Loretta regarding Beck. I checked one of his books out of the library and I could easily see how folks start to follow him. His self effacing manner just sucks you until you dig a little deeper and realize that one this is just a game or con to him and two he is nutty as hell.

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