Stupid Governor Tricks

So nice that the freshly minted governor in my neck of the woods, who only won because the Democrat and the Independent split the vote (and even so, he barely edged out the Independent candidate), continues to show diplomacy, sensitivity and…oh, hell, he’s got foot in mouth syndrome so bad he needs Dr. Scholl’s to chew instead of breath mints.

In a nutshell, Maine Gov. Paul LePage not only refused an invitation by the local NAACP to attend one of the two MLK Day events here, and earlier to take part in a visit to visit black prisoners and a debate/discussion during the campaign, but told them if they don’t like it, they can “kiss his butt.”

It’s one thing if you really are too busy, or if you think they’re just a special interest group (which isn’t entirely accurate for a description)…but you have to take the low road and be an asshole, instead of just saying, “I’ve got too many other things to do, but I will have someone from my office attend.” And then after basically indicating the governor’s office will not be represented, telling them in the not-quite-nicest possible terms to fuck the hell off.

My God, this man is going to make us look like idiots. I dread the next four years.

A couple stories (and even a video with one of them) about it, one of them national, unfortunately (hey, America, look how stupid our governor is. Yay!):




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