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Just a collection of quick thoughts in lieu of deep ones (no comments about any lack of depth in previous posts; I’m fragile):

Yes, Democrats Also Annoy Me

I know I rag on the Republicans a lot around here. And the right-wing folks in particular, most of whom belong to that party, when they’re not choosing the Nazi Party instead or something. Moreover, I give the Tea Party a lot of shit, but they’re are, after all, willfully bat-shit crazy so I’m entitled. You may say to yourself, “Isn’t this guy a journalist? Where’s the balance?” Well, first of all, I’m not a journalist here at this blog; I talk shit. Secondly, the Dems piss me off plenty. They fall short and fail miserably on many levels. But I’ll still vote for them over the Republicans 90% of the time. Why? For the same reason that if I have to choose between being around passive-aggressive people or ones who seek to pummel me in the face daily, I’ll take the former, thanks very much (yes, the Republicans would be the outright bullies).

Make Sure the Clothes Are All Yellow or Green and Have Crosses on Them

If you’re like me, you’re exhausted after shopping all day yesterday to buy gifts for Michelle Duggar’s upcoming 20th baby shower. If you’ve been able to avoid knowing who the Duggars are, more power to you. I’m jealous. I’ll have something to say about them and their 20th child later this week probably, and how they represent so much of what’s wrong with our values and priorities in this country. For now, let me simply let you in on their secret plan. They will stop having kids when they reach 21 of them. This is because 3 is an important biblical number and so is 7. And three 7s are really super-duper powerful. So, when that 21st child is born, the spiritual gestalt will be complete, the 21 children will combine into one powerful entity known as Voltron Jesus, and they will have adventures and shit to combat Satan and put off Armageddon a bit longer so that they can lead more people to Christ and the joy of having way more children than one should ever have.

How Long Before I Start Losing Count?

Today will mark the 14th year that I have been married to my lovely wife. Please, no sympathy cards; I’m pleased as hell to be tied to her, figuratively or literally. Here’s to possibly a couple more 14-year stretches to add onto that, and may they continue to be better and better. And here’s to me hopefully not doing anything that will cause her to ridicule me publicly in her blog.

Deacon Blue is the blogging persona of editor and writer Jeffrey Bouley. The opinions of Jeff himself on this blog, and those expressed as Deacon Blue, in NO WAY should be construed as the opinions of anyone with whom he has worked, currently works, or will work with in the future. They are personal opinions and views, and are sometimes, frankly, expressed in more outrageous terms than I truly feel most days.

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