Whites Are Not an Endangered U.S. Species

I can’t begin to tell you how sick I am of people, particularly those in the right-wing ideologically but also some left-wing and moderate people who seem to lack basic calculation skill, saying white people will be a minority in 2050.

Now, if that did happen, fine. I’m cool with that. Things change.

The problem is the nervous white people who already fear people of color (along with gays and strong women) getting all uptight and violent over such news and shrieking about how the white race is dying off and is going to lose power and…

…shut the hell up.

Whites will not be a minority in 2050.

Current projections say that by 2050, whites will be 47% of the population (compared to 72% now).

That won’t make them a minority. That will make them less than half the population.

If you don’t understand the difference, let’s take another figure from those 2050 projections. It is expected that Latinos will be 29% of the population.

Now, let’s add 49 and 29. I’m sure even the most ignorant racist right-wingers can handle a calculator. 49 + 29 = 78.

That leaves 22% of the U.S. population for black folks, Asians, Native Americans, Arabs, etc.

Combined. All of them have to fit into that 22%.

29 isn’t bigger than 47, nor is 22.

If the projections are correct and current trends hold out, whites will still be the single largest group in 2050.

Will they be outnumbered by all other racial groups combined? Sure. But when was the last time you saw all those groups agreeing with each other and forming a coalition to beat up on the honkies? You see many multiracial power blocs, whether in Congress, business, the media or a street gang?

The biggest difference between 2050 and 2012 if the numbers hold up is that it’s going to be a lot harder to get away with whites calling certain folks spics, wetbacks and all that.

Fine with me. It’ll be nice to see white leaders and power-brokers finally have to negotiate without a position of absolutely overpowering arrogant force. If I’m still alive then to see it, that is.


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