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Color Correction by Miz Pink

Mrs. Blue hipped me to some website about inter-racial dating stuff and I was intrigued but I also got the sense from her that I might find it not to be what I expected (and that maybe she had some issues with the website). I wasn’t wrong.

Now I’m just not feeling like promoting this chick’s blog because it seems to have done blown up and gotten really popular already without my help and I don’t like it one bit. Oh its not that I have a problem with dating across those old color lines not at all. Problem is the whole blog seems based on the idea that black women can’t find black men who are worth a crap so they should be actively looking to date outside their race.

Now here’s one of the problems: People typically WANT to date their own race. Nuthin wrong with that it’s just a fact of life. We tend to gravitate towards what we are seeing every darn day in the mirror. So the premise that black women who don’t date outside their race are missing the proverbial boat irks me. Why must they be instructed that success in relationships REQUIRES them to go outside their race?  That’s just wrong and dissmisive of the good black men out there dontcha think?

But ya know what really pisses me off no end? This chick refers to nonblack men as “rainbow men”. Now asides from being a silly sounding term this is loaded with all kinds of baggage. I haven’t seen a rainbow yet with pink, white, tan, or olive in it. Only yellow is in the mix so really only the asian guys qualify as being a color of the rainbow. And yet all the other folks are part of the rainbow of fruit flavor but not dark brown (unless middle eastern I guess or maybe Indian) or blue-black are in the rainbow. Sounds kind of self-race-hating to me (since the blog chick is black) that all non-black guys are part of the “light” (rainbows being all about light) and the black guys are the untouchable nasty scary darkness.

Make me sick really.

Yeah inter-racial dating is fine. Yup it can lead you to love and a happy life. But calling everyone who isn’t black a good catch and basically telling black women they’re wasting their time if they chase black men is nasty.


Things That Make Me Go Ummmm by Miz Pink

I’m probably gonna get in a whole heap load’a trouble posting this so close to Independence Day but thinking of the U.S. of A. and its history makes my brain go all sorts of crazy places.

Now I gotta say that I love this country and think its done some great things and I think it can still do greater things and I don’t hate on my nation at all but I also don’t shrink away from its warts…and telling Uncle Sam that he really should go get them removed by a dermatology expert or somethin.

Anyhoo I got a point here just bear with me. You see I understand why lotsa folks in lotsa places all over the durned world want to become U.S. citizens. It makes sense. There’s a a lot to love and a lot of opportunity here even in the doldrums of the world economic disintigration.

Europeans and Asians and Latinos and Arabs and all of them…totally understand.

But I have to ask myself when an African is working hard to become an American……well…..

….isn’t that kinda like seeking a romantic relationship with the guy who raped your grandmother when she was a child?

Okay let the hate comments flow I guess but I had to get that offa my bosom.


Bought and Paid For Every One by Miz Pink

You know someone told me something about maybe President Obama not being as hardcore with BP over this oil spill as he could be because apparently oil companies (and BP in particular) have generated heavily in his past campaigns.

Know what?

I don’t care.

I mean I care about the oil spill and I want some action on that.

But whether or not our prez has some kind of connection to oil I don’t care about.

Oh I’m sure some GOP person will want to latch onto it and use it for some threatened impeachment hearing or something. After all, lots of them already seem to think that our current president using the same legislative tactics as their boy did for 8 years is somehow an impeachable offense. Oh and our current president has to make some magic special birth certificate that doesn’t exist in the real world because the one he has from Hawaii apparentnly ain’t good enough.

You see…I don’t care if President Obama has connections to big oil because every president has owed something to multiple businesses or industries. It’s the horrible thing about our system really and it fails to move me to ire about the individual presidents.

Is this some kind of blindness b/c I like Barack? yeah and no. Thing is I hated that Bush and Cheney started a way in Iraq in part to line the pockets of Halliburton which Cheney was a deep part of in terms of business connections. We didn’t impeach either of them. In fact most people didn’t even spend much time worrying about it.

Oh I’m sure plenty of folks will worry about this even though this time it was an accident instead of a an unnecessary act of war for preening and profit.

Now if President Obama lets BP off the hook and says “You don’t have to fix any of this mess” or “We’ll waive your financial responsibilities” or something like that, then we’re talking something for outrage.

But saying he’s too soft on BP right now? At least he’s riding them. I don’t recall Bush & Cheney riding Halliburton to do some work for free or something in the war that helped sink our economy.


Falling Stars by Miz Pink

Is it wrong for me to be sad at the passing of Dennis Hopper and how much less cool a world it will be without him in it…

…and yet give the passing of Gary Coleman about as much attention as I would the death of some friend of a friend of a friend?

I mean its not like I’m glad Gary is dead. I thought Different Strokes was an entertaining show even if I did get sick of the “Whatchoo talkin’ about Willis?” line after a while. I thought it was sad about his anger issues and self loathing issues and the fact the other two folks who were child stars along with him in the show had effed-up lives with one committing suicide and the other in and out of jail.

And it’s not like Dennis was any saint. Drugs, booze and general madman behavior—Crazy talk—Batcrap wild persona—Weird ass roles in movies. And yet to me he’s an artist whose loss will be keenly felt while Gary is a blurb in People magazine.

See this is what happens when the kids actually leave me alone for 20 minutes and I start thinking about things other than pullups and feedings and who needs to go the urgent care unit for stitches today….


Be Honest Now… by Miz Pink

I have a friend. No make that acquaintence. I mean I’ve been the beach with her and her kiddos and my kiddos before but I met her online first and then met her in the flesh and I sometimes wonder about her mental stability.

Okay. Let me start over. I’m on a ramble.

This gal I know…I see her online and I see her in real life.

She’s big. Aint nuthin wrong with that. I know lots of big folks and I’m not gonna rip on you for being overweight or in some cases so fat that the docs have to roll out the term ‘morbidly obese’ for you.

Now this gal I’m talking about, she isn’t sloppy or anything. I think she’s pretty well put together and all that. But she’s definitely overweight…really wide. You might use ‘Rubenesque’ to describe her but I think she’s more than a few pounds outside that realm.

So why the hell are every one of her album pics on Facebook, and the pics of her on her blog, and her Twitter avatar…why do they all look like a woman who’s a pretty average weight?

She and her husband are wizards with camera angle and lighting, and she wears clothes that slenderize her and she never has a shot that goes below mid cleavage.

My thought is: Why take shots like that?

It isn’t honest. It’s false advertising. Now I’d cut her some slack if she didn’t like her body size and shape and was desirous of being more fit. But she ain’t. She’s content with her body…it’s pretty clear from my interactions with her. She thinks pretty highly of herself in most ways (maybe too highly) and she doesn’t have any self-esteem issues.

So, why make yourself look so much different…so much ‘better’ in the sense that most people define better…online??? I don’t get it. If you’re proud of who you are, and your comfortable in your body why the need to vamp yourself up for the folks online most of whom have never met you and never will.

I don’t know why this bugs me so much but it does. Maybe because I see too many people who are one way in real life and totally different online. They are civilized humans face to face but asshats in online discussions. I guess I want people to act the way online that they do in real life, and show the same kinda pride in both places.


And Your Point Is… by Miz Pink

So Deke seems to be lulling again and I’m bored so let me tell ya…

I was in the library and saw a woman with the book “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies” by Michelle Malkin under her arm.

It made me cringe and yes I admit that’s because I’m a liberal and not afraid to admit it and I like President Barack Obama plenty and his lovely and talented wife too.

Even stepping back from my lib leanings though I thought about why it bothered me.

We’re still pretty early in Barack’s first term. People are throwing around terms like socialist and liar and traitor and nastier things when it comes to the Big O and now Michelle Malkin…who likes to crow about her journalistic cred…is doing the same with a pretty inflammatory title.

I’m not saying BHO is clean as a whistle now. The man came through the Chicago political machine and there are lots of dirty gears in that bugger.

What bugs me is that I’ve been a-searching the Interwebs to find me some equally inflammatory stuff about George W. Bush after his horrid two terms and I haven’t found a book with the same kind of bile about dubya the shrub so far and that was a man who lied to get us into a massive war and a man who won at least one election through cheating and a man who had all sorts of corruption around Halliburton and other huge companies and who helped usher in the almost collapse of our economy.

Eight years of madness and the only books about Bush with nasty titles seem to be obscure and by not well known writers unless I’m missing something. But put a black man in the White House and dang we can’t get half through his term without a supposedly reputable journalistic conservative woman making out like Barack is some evil the likes of which we’ve never seen.

He may not be clean lady but name me a recent president who was and let’s talk about your boys Bush and Cheney while we’re at it.


CoCo Goes to TBS by Miz Pink

Conan O’Brien is gonna be on TBS late night?

Re-runs of Seinfeld, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Saved by the Bell AND Conan all at the same place?

Did the rapture happen and I’m in heaven already and just don’t know it?

Am I being sarcastic or honest…well yer just gonna hafta guess I guess.

But I do love me some Conan especially ever since Dave started gettin long in the tooth…


March (Militia) Madness by Miz Pink

A militia group in the Midwest, getting ready to maybe kill some police or something and touch off some “revolutionary” conflict. Folks who claim to be Christian even though they aren’t following one dang word in the Bible and saying they’re gearing up to take on the anti-Christ.

Of course if they didn’t have religion to pin their insane hatred on they’d just be saying Obama is the next Mao or Stalin or whatever right?

Anything to justify loading up your guns and killing some folks over BS.

So, is my passport up to date? Cuz I’m thinking that it’s time to go find some place to live for a while with less crazies until this joint gets cleaned up a bit.


Health Screw-form by Miz Pink

I totally get that the health care reform plan currently hovering around has lot of flaws even for lefties like me who want universal health care and want that public option back in and it’s even less palatable to the teabag folks and all of them who don’t see to get that they’re being screwed over by insurance companies and that something needs to give.

But what I don’t understand is the quote from President Obama I heard on NPR a couple days ago where he said that a government run single pay system wouldn’t work in this country.


Because the insurance companies have too much money invested in political candidates perhaps?

Cuz last time I checked we’re the only big time first world nation to NOT have universal health care. And we have some of the poorest health stats around.

So why the heck can’t we change to such a system in this country, Mister President? How can you make a blanket statement like that to appease your foes. You couldn’t just soften it with … “It’s a system we need, but it will take a long time to transition to it maybe more time than I have even if I get two terms.”

No instead you have to play right into the fear spewing hands of everyone who thinks universal health care is the first step toward having a repeat of the Soviet Union. I’m not happy Mister President. Not happy with you at all right now.


Another Snoozefest by Miz Pink

Okaaaaay I got suckered into watching the Academy Awards all night long again. Don’t know why. I didn’t actually pay attention to all of it but I stayed up for all of it and have the baggy eyes to prove it.

Big bore overall.

Didn’t think Sandra Bollock should have been there in the running at all and REALLY don’t think she shoulda won.

Haven’t seen Avatar and don’t intend to no matter how many people tell me how amazing it is because I don’t like science fiction in the first place much and don’t need it rehashed with a Dances With Wolves storyline underneath it. And I don’t look good in big 3D glasses anyway. So I’m glad that Hurt Locker won so big because James Cameron seems like a dick anyway and having him get his billion-dollar-movie ass handed to him artistically by his ex wife is just spiffy with me.

The dude who won for screenplay adaptation of the book Push which was the movie Precious gets bonus award for most earnest and sincere acceptance speech though honestly I wasn’t sure whether to shed a tear at his demeanor or chuckle at it.

That is all…

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