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Worldwide Pants by Miz Pink

Or maybe Dave Letterman should change the name of his production company to Worldwide Dropped Pants? So, David had him some workplace nookie and there are some folks out there calling for CBS to fire him. Calling him a creep. Talking him to task for being unfaithful.

Now, I don’t know how seriously he and the (now) missus were dating at the time but he didn’t have a ring on his finger so I’m not sure how much that counts as “cheating” especially by hollywood/TV standards.

I kinda think we have enough going on in the world that we could see less Dave in the news and on talk shows rants and more Afghanistan and U.S. economy and such. I mean really if we’re gonna spend time lambasting or leering at a TV guy’s life isn’t Glenn Beck a lot more in need of some peeping?

It’s not like Dave called a mostly black women’s basketball team a bunch of nappy headed ‘ho’s or something. He hasn’t been intimately involved in tanking our economy…or inciting the masses to violence against the current adminstration…or drugging and raping underaged girls.

No Dave got some sex and some stupid producer was idiot enough to try to blackmail him over it. And we get another pumped up ceeleb story to distract us from looming 10% unemployment rates, skyrocketing deficits, declining value of the dollar, more of a military mess in the Middle East…

The only pants I care about with David Letterman are his production company Worldwide Pants, and wondering when it will put out another show I enjoyed as much as Everybody Loves Raymond. I’d rather have something like that to distract me from the end of the world as we know it (when I WANT to be distracted) rather than the news folks taking away from what little time they bother anymore telling me stuff I really need to know.

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