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Please God Let Me Score

So often, athletes pray, singly or together, and so often, athletes thank God for a big win. I touched on this theme of God picking sides a little in my post God Doesn’t Do Wings, and I even mentioned the thing about sports teams thinking God is maybe on their side in How Would Jesus Vote?, but the point bears repeating for those who try to drag the Almighty into their sporting world.

God does not give a shit who wins an athletic competition.

I am not saying this to dissuade prayer among athletes. By all means, pray that you do well and that you and your teammates continue to be able to work and support your families and be healthy. Pray that at the end of the game, no one has to go to the hospital. Pray that the fans on both sides enjoy the game and get home safely.

But don’t pray to win. Don’t pray to complete the next play or drive or at-bat successfully.

God doesn’t care.

Not even during the World Series or the Super Bowl.

Yeah, I know this doesn’t qualify for a truly substantive post, but it may satisfy any guys who thought the previous post today just wasn’t testosterone-laden enough for them.

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