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Health Screw-form by Miz Pink

I totally get that the health care reform plan currently hovering around has lot of flaws even for lefties like me who want universal health care and want that public option back in and it’s even less palatable to the teabag folks and all of them who don’t see to get that they’re being screwed over by insurance companies and that something needs to give.

But what I don’t understand is the quote from President Obama I heard on NPR a couple days ago where he said that a government run single pay system wouldn’t work in this country.


Because the insurance companies have too much money invested in political candidates perhaps?

Cuz last time I checked we’re the only big time first world nation to NOT have universal health care. And we have some of the poorest health stats around.

So why the heck can’t we change to such a system in this country, Mister President? How can you make a blanket statement like that to appease your foes. You couldn’t just soften it with … “It’s a system we need, but it will take a long time to transition to it maybe more time than I have even if I get two terms.”

No instead you have to play right into the fear spewing hands of everyone who thinks universal health care is the first step toward having a repeat of the Soviet Union. I’m not happy Mister President. Not happy with you at all right now.


A Thousands Words Indeed by Miz Pink

I know Deke is trying not to comment much on healthcare issues since he outed himself and he does healthcare and pharma writing and I’m a-gonna try to refrain as well ‘cuz of that, but the poster below certainly should engender some thought regardless of which side of the issue you sit on:


I mean it can be argued convincingly that other nations have had problems with socialized medicine and we ain’t the only first world nation that goes on unnecessary warpaths but doesn’t it say something about us for being the lone holdout? I mean what’s up with that…and with us still rejecting the metric system too. Didn’t America learn how to play well with others in school?

Big, floppy pink hat tip to Kelly Belle at Ephatha blog (it’s in Deke’s sidebar over there on the right) for using the image so that I could go and spread it around here. Guess the original image came from a site called which looks interesting.


Health Care Deform by Miz Pink

globe-stethescopeSo, I’m just wondering, as Barack Obama seems to get a little wimpy on the health care reform thang…and as all those folks who aren’t rich talk about socialized medicine being the final step toward a socialist dictatorship…how many of those yahoos that are mouthing off right now either have relatives who get Medicare or are bitter old twits on Medicare themselves?

And I wonder, what if the President just yanked Medicare away and told all those folks that they or their relatives would have to pay out of pocket now?

I figure they’d either be begging to have their “socialized medicine” back or they would be carrying even more guns around to shoot the Prez for taking away their “right” to healthcare in old age.

Either way, it would kinda prove the point wouldn’t it?

The government has been running Medicare for a long time. It ain’t perfect but it’s done a lot for the elderly to get care. It’s a system with flaws but one that works. So why is it so hard to think that getting the government involved in everyone’s health is such an evil idea?

Oh yeah…because they’re ignorant boobs who do whatever ole Rush or Glen or Annie “Get your guns” Coulter tell ’em to do…why use logic or have an idea of your own in your head when you can just follow the right-wing rulebook straight to the end of your life.

Don’t worry though. Without health care reform, you can all die in your 40s or 50s like your grand-daddies did so it wont be  a LONG life.

Pity that the rest of us who know better will be dying just as early.

Screw you.

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