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Bend Over Traveler by Miz Pink

So, retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney of the U.S. Air Force says we oughtta strip search every Muslim dude between the ages of 18 and 28 who wants to get onto an airplane or off of one in the United States.



First off I think that someone needs to get the good general a subscription to or something because given that the last muslim who tried to do something on a plane looked like Joe-average Black guy to me, THAT’S who would get the latex glove up the butt treatment. I think the general just likes the idea of naked young dark skinned men a bit too much.

Second on the list of concerns: Just how do we determine who is Muslim, general?

Third the chances of being blown up on a plane by a terrorists are about as slim as winning the lotto so why the hell do we need to make this SUCH a big deal that we just blanket strip search thousands upon thousands of air travelers for no other reason than there religious beliefs?

Fourth how many people would be inspired to become terrorists as we treat everyone in their religion like animals?

Fail, general. Big fat fail.

Someone needs to fish something out of your butt it seems.


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