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Happy President’s Day

I didn’t feel much like having a Happy Valentine’s Day post since the only two valentine recipients I truly have any investment in are Mrs. Blue and Little Girl Blue. Both would rather have the Valentine’s sentiments straight from me rather than on my blog. (Plus, the latter of the two can’t read yet.)

But hey, on President’s Day, and me spouting off on religious stuff so often…

…Did you know that many of our Founding Fathers (whether they made it to the Oval Office or not) were either full-out Deists or had Deist tendencies. I find this interesting considering how often certain classes of folks insist this nation was founded as a Christian one.

Anyway, for a little on Deism and how it differs from Christianity (though some Deists maintained they were essentially Christian even if they denied things like miracles and revelation and prophecy in the Bible), click here.

Yeah, I know Wikipedia isn’t always the best source of information for a variety of reasons, but this article looks pretty solid.

And for some added fun, a Web page that maintains the Founding Fathers were Deists (here) and one that says that notion is a bunch of crap (here).

Yeah, I know, this is a lazy post today. I’ll try to get something cooler up later today or tonight if I can.


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